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sage now sitting at around 800 users, which is a thing I never expected.

FYI, did a quick update this morning for an urgent security patch. Everything should be good now.

Best guess on problem: something went wrong in the database, which led to Mastodon being stuck in its regular cleanup task using the entire CPU.

The best way to get the db out of this state was the migration that happens as part of upgrades.

These are all wild guesses, nothing concrete enough to track as a bug on the Mastodon codebase.

And we're back!

Last night around 1 AM PST something maxed the CPU on our tiny virtual server. It was pegged so hard the machine was unresponsive. I restarted it, and it didn't come back up cleanly. Unable to get it to settle down, I went back to our last snapshot, which happened just before the machine went wild. (Maybe related to why it went wild?)

I was unable to stand that up either, and ended up upgrading that snapshot to the latest Mastodon code, which somehow unstuck it.

Aaaaand we're back, with now running the latest and greatest Mastodon code.

More specifically: I am a noob at docker and didn't want to lose anyone's data. But the latest releases of Mastodon have some features I'd like, and the guide I used to set up this instance added a "how to update" section, and I set up automatic daily backups, so it seems like time to bite the bullet.

I guess folks are worried since I don't post here all that much this instance might go away. To assuage your fears: the cost of running this instance is well under my share of DW profits monthly. As long as that is the case (which should be true for the foreseeable future) the instance will stay up.

Maintenance update: will be updated to the latest version of Mastodon March 27 at roughly 8:30 AM PDT. The instance will be down for a short period. If maintenance runs long I'll post updates at the bird site:

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Good morning Mastodors! Any FFG X-Wing players out there? Is there a reliable source for acrylic movement templates and range rulers?

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I unfortunately had to look up our user guidelines today, but silver lining: I noticed the about page includes our user count, and we're over 500 users. Not bad for a little instance.

Hey folks @lumpley joined so I guess this is serious business now.

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No updates on user counts because I'm busy with the holidays, but things seem to be ticking along.

@olde_fortran it's weird that the best XCOM mod is a Mario game with comic relief rabbits.

‪Finally made it to Dark Side in Odyssey and now time to take a break and get back to Rabbids. ‬

‪Finally made it to Dark Side in Odyssey and now time to take a break and get back to Rabbids. ‬

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Someone did not think through how these dominoes would look in play.