I guess this is kind of popular, since I had to turn off new follower notifications. 🤔

@olde_fortran I'm sorry if I just ruined your notifications--I posted about in Adam Koebel's Discord in the game design channel 😅

@quantumdot naw, it was my fault for making myself the default person to follow

@olde_fortran I think Twitter has been getting people down. I wish I had the capacity to make an instance so there was a space I could promise as safe for people who are super scared, but I also also wish I could ensure people felt safe here. thank you so much for opening the space - I think it's needed! Twitter is rough and I get no engagement on G+.

@olde_fortran Well, you opened it in the middle of a new user flood, when and are having trouble with new users, the day the other tabletop RPG instance annouced it is closing down ;)

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