So far we're just skating by on a single CPU. If this continues I'll probably have to up the host which will cost money, and probably mean I ask for support via patreon.


Related to this, please let me know if it gets slow for you. That's a better sign than a graph that we actually need to scale.

@olde_fortran Didn't realize you'd be the actual host as well. Makes sense. So you've dedicated a machine to host

@Slybebop a virtual machine on Vultr, actually. Can allocate more CPU with the click of a button, if needed.

@olde_fortran Changing settings seemed very slow, but then again, it was the first thing I did, so maybe all of Mastadon is like that...

@olde_fortran Definitely noticing some slowness. If this thing goes Patreon, I'd be happy to chip in.

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