Well, one day later, and we're at around 400 accounts. I have no idea if that's a good or bad number, tbh.

@olde_fortran Have you talked to other node admins about their growth experiences?

@xiombarg nope, to be honest I'm not too concerned either way. Technical data on # users vs. machine size would be more useful, but it seems wildly inconsistent.

@olde_fortran Probably because the activity level of those users is a huge factor, and you can't really predict that.

@olde_fortran It's definitely much faster adoption than WvsAC, IIRC. Congrats!

@olde_fortran That's work talking. 400 people is a small convention.

@blinks <meme>I forgot how to count that low.</meme>

@olde_fortran it's definitely a lot for signups. But it's a thing a lot of people have wanted & probably not indicative of the longterm. (longterm could be great, who knows!)

@olde_fortran You'd set up a (at least somewhat) focused masto with several people posting to social networks that other people are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with—that's how I got here. Growth seems like a foregone conclusion.

You're worried it's happening too fast? Given how many instances still have <200 users, it might be a concern. Or at least a good load test for the masto system.

@LurkerInDorkness I am somewhat concerned about scaling, yeah. But not too concerned. Double the CPUs is double the price, but when that's $10 to $20 a month I think I can find the support to make it work.

Admin time, though, I am more worried about.

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