‪Finally made it to Dark Side in Odyssey and now time to take a break and get back to Rabbids. ‬


@olde_fortran it's weird that the best XCOM mod is a Mario game with comic relief rabbits.

@olde_fortran what platform is Rabbids for? I've been hearing good things. Also I like XCOM.

@stras @olde_fortran It’s on Nintendo Switch and I agree, great game!

@frasersimons @olde_fortran the only thing that stopped me from getting one was the store was out of Breath of the Wild that day. I may have to look back into it.

@stras @olde_fortran They’re pretty easily found now, I bet there will be some kind of deal for Black Friday online you could nab! Loved BOtW immensely as well!

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