So does this Mastodon have any rules on self-promotion, asks a man who's about to release an RPG?

@olde_fortran @jameswallis
those rules are a bit vague imo - what constitutes excessive advertising? does self-promotion differ from other kinds of advertising at all?

my personal 2c - i don't mind self-promotion, i love to see people's work on here and it seems like a neat way to find new games

@ebeth @jameswallis so, I'm pretty firmly of the opinion that rules, especially around moderation, need room for human judgement. Also room for precedent setting.

So, when someone breaks that rule, we'll learn from it and set precedent going forward. And as noted excessive advertising is only grounds for being removed from the public feed, not anything worse. So there's room for reports and discussion.

@jameswallis @ebeth having room to actually talk about how and why moderation happens is a huge benefit of a small community site like this over, say, Twitter.

@olde_fortran @jameswallis
my only qualm is i think there needs to be active communication in each case so that nobody gets blindsided by a sudden rule enforcement

that said I think you're right that this kind of nuance is much easier to achieve in a smaller, more focused community like this. thanks for the thoughtful answer!

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