@olde_fortran Would you make a CNAME for mg.dice.camp to point to mxa.mailgun.org? Reason I ask is I've spent the last hour trying to get my mail server to accept mail from dice.camp and postfix is being a real bear because mg.dice.camp doesn't resolve to anything.


@craigmaloney @olde_fortran hmm, wonder if this is why I could never get a confirm email from dice.camp

@rafial @olde_fortran I think this is part of it. I had to disable the check in Postfix in order for it to work.

@craigmaloney @olde_fortran yeah, awhile back I nailed Postfix up tight to cut down on span.


@craigmaloney @rafial I don't actually think I can. There's a TXT record there required for SPF validation that I don't think I can safely remove.

@olde_fortran @rafial Did a quick peek at it:

v=spf1 include:mailgun.org ~all

I think that's OK, as long as mg.dice.camp routes to something.

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