And we're back!

Last night around 1 AM PST something maxed the CPU on our tiny virtual server. It was pegged so hard the machine was unresponsive. I restarted it, and it didn't come back up cleanly. Unable to get it to settle down, I went back to our last snapshot, which happened just before the machine went wild. (Maybe related to why it went wild?)

I was unable to stand that up either, and ended up upgrading that snapshot to the latest Mastodon code, which somehow unstuck it.

Best guess on problem: something went wrong in the database, which led to Mastodon being stuck in its regular cleanup task using the entire CPU.

The best way to get the db out of this state was the migration that happens as part of upgrades.

These are all wild guesses, nothing concrete enough to track as a bug on the Mastodon codebase.

@olde_fortran Sometimes you just have to bash away until it starts working again and take the best guess you can as to why. Thanks for sorting it.

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