Well, that was a different outcome. I tried to update our Mastodon install and it worked! But it lost all user accounts along the way.

I think at this point I may have to look at doing a database backup manually, then restoring and migrating, or something like that.

Failing that, we may have to look at hard measures for asking folks to take their own data with them and start fresh (with someone paid to keep us up to date).

Hey folks, I intend to attempt updating dice.camp again tomorrow. That will likely mean multiple stretches of downtime.

Last time this didn't work out, and I'm not sure if it will this time, but it's worth a try.

ETA for start of downtime: 9AM PDT May 15

Okay, so, that went poorly. I failed to upgrade our instance and I may have lost posts made between 7 AM and the start of maintenance.

This is a pretty obviously bad outcome, and I'm sorry about that. I've pretty much exhausted my options for today. Adam and I are investigating masto.host as an option to get some real professionals to handle this stuff. I'll update as we know more.

I also hope to get us to the point you can verify your Keybase identity on this instance, but no promises.

Okay, folks, I'm going to take a shot at installing the massive number of updates for our instance. Downtime on the morning of Dec 13 (Pacific time), should be back up with newer better software not long after.

@jofazepa I'll get around to doing an upgrade at some point. It's not hard, but does take some time, which I'm very short on.

FYI, all Gab domains I could find are blocked. If I find them more they will be blocked.

If you don't know what Gab is, consider yourself lucky.

Sorry for the downtime folks! I'm on leave and busy with family stuff. @blinks stepped up and solved it. And since he's amazing, he wrote a post-mortem: gist.github.com/blinks/dabac9f

Bad news: I was tagged in to a thread with some of my least favorite people to talk D&D/DW.

Good news: Because people were wrong on the internet I migrated some 8 year old posts on D&D and AW-style Principles and now you get to read them.


Supporting dice.camp: a few people have asked about how to support dice.camp. The short answer is you don't have to. But if you want to help us meet our costs (about $20/month) we now accept contributions at ko-fi.com/dicecamp.

dice.camp upgrades! The "A look inside..." preview on the non-logged-in home page will now show just (externally visible) posts from this instance, not the known fediverse, which should give potential joiners a better idea what's up here.

dice.camp upgrades! I've set a hero image so the initial sign in page and link preview when sharing the url will both look a little more custom and a little less default.

With G+ going away, I'm going to invest a little more time here to provide something a little similar (hopefully). To that end, expect to see a little more activity on a few fronts.

Folks should now reliable get notification emails, registration emails, all that. Which makes dice.camp self-serve!

Okay, so I am proud to say I think I have finally solved our email problems once and for all.

Hey folks, sorry for the momentary downtime. As part of looking in to our issues sending email I upgraded Mastodon on a whim. We're not back and on the latest and greatest.

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