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Best iOS Mastodon client? Tootle is okay but has a lot of iPhone X layout issues.

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On a long enough timeline, every rpg gets used for Star Wars.

When you've done it, what have you used?

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: Hi, I'm Paul Czege. I'm a designer of roleplaying & storytelling games, like My Life with Master, Bacchanal, Nicotine Girls, & The Clay That Woke, & was organizer of the RPG design challenge. (I've also been creating occasional board games for playing with my kiddo. The photo is Gorillas Versus Chess.) My current main project is Traverser, a RPG about women ex-soldiers with quantum reality powers in a post-dystopian future.

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Mastodon encourages you to add alt text to images you upload. Please do!

Here's a picture of the table from a recent playtest of Armored Reckoning. The game uses playing cards and a playmat to track the action. Everything is still in rough prototype form, as things are still likely to change.

Hey @johnharper, is Mastodon just Twonker?

- Longer character limit
- Obvious Twitter heritage
- Badly named

IF I can figure out how to rename them for this instance, what should I rename "Toots" to?

If Mastodon can get their UI together, this could work for me.

That and rename "toots"

I'm the default account you follow that you haven't had time to unfollow yet.

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That hashtag seems like a wonderful idea.

I'm Epidiah Ravachol, author & tabletop role-playing game designer, which is exactly how my predictive text tells it.

You may know a few of my works, perhaps most notably Dread, that horror role-playing game that uses Jenga. Or mayhaps Swords Without Master, the sword & sorcery game obsessed with tone.

Or you may not. That's cool. No hurt feelings.

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Gene (the "G" of GMT Games) has a solo game where you play a President in the modern USA. []

The alternate histories he keeps sending out remind me of a simpler time.

Wait, why did I start that with "if" you're new?

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Shoot, what with the Pacific Northwest storm and a sick kid, missed Another Question edits last night. It'll go up today sometime.

For now, though, check out the new site design!

Oh, and re:mod policy. So far it's cloned from and I am the only mod. If/when we scale, those things may change. I'll try to mention if they do.

I wonder if someday, like email clients, Mastodon servers will diverge. There will be a reason to choose a server other than mod policy, general social circle, and url.

But for now that's it.

The cool url is self explanatory. If, someday, this is a thing I hand out like my email or Twitter handle, @olde_fortran is a nice blend of nerdy and usable.

The local timeline is the more interesting thing, long term. If we hit a critical mass of gamer folks, that feed could be more or less the zeitgeist. Not that is has to be on topic, but that it's a pulse on a (subset) of gamers' discussions.

Why have (A) the local timeline and (B) the cool url.

So, a few thoughts on instances and why.

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