I'm starting to spool out my decade-long breakdown of indie games in the 20teens. First year is up now: indiegamereadingclub.com/indie

Patreon supporters got the whole thing in one huge bite last month: patreon.com/igrc

This week: Six takes on shapeshifters, all PbtA games. You could play them all without any thematic or aesthetic overlap.


Hello! Updates from the Indie Game Reading Club:

Posted my end of year review, it's honking long and I hope you enjoy it: indiegamereadingclub.com/indie

And I launched my Patreon. If you enjoy my work, I hope you'll consider backing me: patreon.com/igrc

Hi Mastadon friends! Wrote another thing. I've been working through the entirety of Invisible Sun, and the fourth book nearly did me in. 💔


Hello Mastadon friends! Gosh I need to work harder at getting in here. 💔 Anyway I posted a thing about Blades in the Dark-flavored clock tech you might find interesting!

The wrapped up yesterday. These are my first takes on what they tell us about the core roleplaying experience.


A couple items of business to attend to. First, new blog is up! indiegamereadingclub.com/indie

Second, our is still rolling. Week and a half left if'n you've got an idea! itch.io/jam/onrampjam-igrc

Hi everyone! It's been forever. So I'm trying a thing, thought some of you might be interested. It's a very short, constrained game design jam:


I wrote a thing. I mean I write things all the time but I kind of forget dice.camp exists. Sorry sorry. indiegamereadingclub.com/indie

Howdy all. I've just about hammered out my issues at the new website, but just in case you didn't see this on Plus, the Indie Game Reading Club is now at indiegamereadingclub.com

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