In the spirit of the current fuck-D&D mood in the world (which I wholly endorse), I wrote a little "intro to indie gaming if you're curious" primer on the blog. None of y'all are my target audience but if you have someone in your life that needs to be deprogrammed from the cult, send 'em my way.

@paulbeakley So, as I read this, I see two larger patterns:

1. There's a simplification of racial traits that is offensive for some races, which is in most cases a holdover from the Tolkein world and Eurocentric worldview that D&D is based on.

2. WoTC has not taken diversity seriously internally despite paying lip service.

But as D&D is a Free Game, why not simply fork it and address #1 and then bypass WoTC for #2?

@emacsen lots of OSR folks have made exactly that argument!

This is also happening mostly, I think, on Twitter, which is kind of its own world. Sometimes it bubbles up in the real world of money and atoms.

@paulbeakley There's a fuck-D&D mood? Is it just because D&D gets all the attention? I admit I've only played actual D&D once and it was not fun (the DM ran it poorly and some of the rules seemed really ridiculous), but I know a lot of people love it.

@ink_slinger this is a pretty good guide to what's going down. I didn't write it! But if you need a primer, start with this.

@paulbeakley Thanks. That makes a lot of sense. I forgot D&D was currently under Wizards of the Coast.

As an aside, I always felt the weird biological essentialism of "orcs are inherently evil" was messed up. Sure, it comes from Tolkien and orcs aren't real, but it's no less problematic in Lord of the Rings. Apparently that's been changed, but it's still awkward as hell.

@paulbeakley Is this D&D specifically or tabletop RPGs in general that are bad?

I have some... things to say about D&D. *scowl, tailflick*

@paulbeakley Fiasco and For the Queen are not only two of my favourite games; they are also both what I use to introduce people to role play. Good to see I am making sound choices in that regard.

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