Four years after a participant just asked me for the files for the games she worked on, so she can playtest them. And that makes me pretty happy.

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FYI, all Gab domains I could find are blocked. If I find them more they will be blocked.

If you don't know what Gab is, consider yourself lucky.

Can we create an arts scene (wholehearted making, influencing, appreciating, and relationships) entirely through game-text-to-game-text communication? What would that look like?

"When reading The Clay That Woke I was...filled with a desire to enter into Czege's vision exactly as he describes it."

I was wrong about this.
My prediction is he's the first Democrat to withdraw.

The future of tabletop RPG covers is 15/16th c. line art.

Reflective, wholehearted, inspired RPGs are being made though. In the RPG landscape they're pretty much all I care about.

And so the future of tabletop RPGs we'll get is one of fast fashion.

When we process wholehearted and reflective tabletop RPGs in superficial and fast-moving ways, in a landscape of factionalism and consumerism, they don't appeal to our most immediate understandings. They don't appeal to the tropes programmed into us by corporate-owned media.

The worst mistreatment of a reflective and wholehearted work of art is to process it culturally in a superficial and fast-moving way.

What an arts scene needs is a reflective and wholehearted culture of making, and influencing, and appreciating, and relationships.

You can do other things, like capture attention, promote consumerism, and create factionalism. But you can't create an arts scene.

Because of its design everything that happens on Twitter has two characteristics: superficial and fast-moving.

You can't create an arts scene under those circumstances.

I don't know how you can say "make America great again" from one side of your mouth and "love it or leave it" from the other. You're either saying the person you're criticizing loves America just like you do, for its potential, or you're saying you yourself should leave.

... somehow he's internalized the emoji.

So I drew him some references, and asked him to identify them, and then made him a page of circles to practice them.

What's interesting is those last two. I didn't give him references for silly or sleepy. He doesn't type emoji and he's never seen The Emoji Movie. But...

Today's practice with the kiddo for his comics was cartoon facial expressions. With the exception of the Dread Chicken, who he's clearly modeled on an Angry Bird, all his characters are always smiling ⁠— which is cute, but being capable of variety will give him options.

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