I really like this sticker my kiddo got from a vendor at the mini con last weekend. It must be some alternate timeline version I've never seen?

Here's an early peek at my entry to the Not A Game Jam Game Jam. Sure looks like a game, but I assure you it is not. Still lots of work to do on it. Wish me luck.

Yeah, I am probably submitting to this. I have my entry half written, and the rest thought out. If I can get it done by the deadline, and the part I think I have figured out doesn't come apart on me, it'll be my first itch.io jam entry.
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The Not A Game Jam Game Jam is up & live! Make something that would make someone say “that’s not even a ~*Real*~ game” and tag it with ! Hosted w…

Who on the production/design team is responsible for this? Is it clear from the credits?
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I'm not talking about custom backgrounds (which it has!), but the retooling and tailoring of the existing backgrounds with threads, rumors, NPCs, and even the chance to own property. It's a delight.

True about tabletop RPGs too.
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"We didn't need as much content as we wanted to write... when you take out 60% of the content what's left is the good stuff."

I really like the skyline my son drew on his pencil bag.

For three years now your job has been to Photoshop an endless series of graphics of Trump for an online political news website. It doesn't look like it's going to end soon. Stay positive. Try to keep it fresh. Maybe call your representative and beg for impeachment.

Daddy: "Hey kiddo, can I have one of your Capri Suns?"
Kiddo: "Sure. Daddy, you can have as many Capri Suns as you want until you die."

My seven-and-a-half-year-old kiddo:
"Is red pepper hotter than cayenne pepper?"

At the . He donated one copy of his comic to the @DenverZine@twitter.com Library and traded one to a comics guy for one of his stickers.

Do you go to GrandCon @edheil@twitter.com ?
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Tickets and Badges and@edheil@twitter.comies, Oh My! - GrandCon 2019 Newsletter - mailchi.mp/grand-con.com/grand

"Nonviolent protests are twice as likely to succeed as armed conflicts – and those engaging a threshold of 3.5% of the population have never failed to bring about change."
At what point do 11,452,000 Americans take to the streets against GOP autocracy?

Kiddo: "Daddy, I want to be Star of the Week, but Miss G never picks me. She only picks the good kids."

I only occasionally get addicted to a game on my phone, but I'm currently pretty addicted to Color Bump 3D.

If you're running a game store, and you've had three copies of the expansion for a game on your shelf unsold for two years, maybe consider stocking a copy of the game.

He knows he's running for VP right? On paper he balances a ticket with Warren better than any other Democrat running, and balances a ticket with Harris too. If he shows he polls well in red states he's in as VP on another ticket.
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“Coming soon, the only Democratic contender who won a Trump state will make a big announcement," reads the narration in a video posted by @GovernorBullock.

Okay, which one's the lie?
1. Iron Maiden
2. Social Distortion
3. Harry Connick Jr
4. Raul Malo
5. Foo Fighters
6. Peter Murphy
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This is a fun game. You list six bands/artists that you've seen at a gig/concert and one lie. People leave a reply with who they think is the lie.

Here is my list:
1. Enter Shikari
2. Bring Me The Horizon
3. Iron Maiden
4. The Selecter
5. Busted
6. The Smashing Pumpkins

You are not a real gamer until you read it and maybe no one is buying it.
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Type "You are not a real gamer until you" and let your predictive text finish that quote for you.

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