"Daddy, how about if you don't get a babysitter you can just leave me here alone and I'll watch YouTube until you get back?"

TFW a friend reads your game draft and doesn't think you're insane.

I didn't know that fanfiction had its own culture of storytelling games until I read these. They're a whole new landscape of storytelling games if you're only familiar with storytelling RPGs.
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BIG NEWS HERE - my very first ever RPG zine is now available for sale!

It's called Only One Bed and it contains TWELVE beautiful tabletop RPGs inspired by everyone's favorite fanfiction tropes! https://jen-adcock…

The kiddo was sitting, picking at the grass as I was reading to him from our current book.
"Daddy, it's easier to find dog poop in the grass than a four leaf clover."
that's kind of a metaphor for things right now, isn't it."

It's absolutely possible for a game's presentation to be so inspiring that gamers will make it work in play despite mechanical and procedural design problems. Many well known RPGs have done this.
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If I have a goal going approaching 2020 it might be to make games in spite of game design? To build emotion and enjoyment in spite of a narrative scaffold? I do not want to know about math. I just don’t!!!…

One of the first successful defenses against a murder charge on grounds of spousal abuse and self-defense.

"Tell your friend how you will destroy the person you’ve noticed. You’re not cruel though. You don’t destroy people by giving them addictions or crushing adversities. You destroy people by opening and exposing them to life without their protections..."


Last strip for issue two of my son's comic! (I broke the six panel format with my script for this one. He broke the shape of the seventh panel with his art. We're an undisciplined collaboration.)

I had a dream last night that someone gave my son an antique train set for his birthday. When I was trying to set it up for him I discovered the engine had removable panels that could be reversed and reattached to show their other side. The other sides had nazi insignia.

"I just couldn't sleep soundly at night if I hadn't done my best to make sure you know you're one of the have-nots."

He could pardon Flynn and bring him back. Would Flynn be worse than Bolton?

Erik Prince? I can't imagine the money opportunity that would make him want to do it.
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@sarahkendzior @gaslitnation Sarah Kendzior: I would not put it past Trump for him to bring in someone worse. That's Trump's thing--he always outdoes himself with new appointees.
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is a fun idea.
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I'm excited to take another shot at ! I'm a better designer (especially in shorter prose) so here's to lasting more than a week 🌟

Also maybe more designers will also try :) last year @WCgameco did it and made TOME! twitter.com/inktober/status/11

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Kiddo: "Daddy, do we have any animal skins?"
Daddy: "Animal skins?"
Kiddo: "Like, fake animal skins."
Daddy: "What would you do with a fake animal skin?"
Kiddo: "Wear it, obviously."

Daddy: "What did you do in art class today?"
Kiddo: "Still drawing the Victorian house."
Daddy: "Yeah?"
Kiddo: "I put a cool portal on it but Miss R. said to erase it."
Daddy: "She did?"
Kiddo: "Because Victorian houses don't have portals."

I really like the idea of a jam as an appreciation of another designer's work. I just submitted my entry to the . It's called The Hot Spell. It's inspired by @temporalhiccup@twitter.com as a designer. Check it out.


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The Minotaur
Art by American artist Michael Bergt (b.1956)

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