“Pluto doesn’t know how dangerous you are to him Philotes, but I do. There’s no room for your queer kind of friendship in this hellscape culture he’s inflicted on the mortals."


If mythopoetic, erotic, cultural criticism cyoa stories are your favorite genre, I have the zine for you.

Just launched for .


It's a story from your choices. But these choices are intimate, and subjective. Philotes is trying to decide about bringing her aspect of romantic friendship upon the world. Should she talk to Venus? Can anyone help her sort it out? Is she prepared to wreck a mortal if that's what it takes? Should there be a sex scene first? Should she talk to Proserpina? It's all your decision.

Coming soon to a near you.

It is the story of Philotes, the goddess of romantic friendship, who some call the small kiss. You know Mars, and Venus. You know Pluto. Minerva. They've all had their times as the aspect of the world. But not Philotes. Until now.


Friday I start teaching a five week elective about making comics to 2nd and 3rd graders at my son's school. I'm using a template with the kids for folding an eight panel comic from a sheet of legal paper, so I had to make one as an example to show them.

(On the template half the panels are upside down and the cover is in the middle of a row. I rearranged it in Photoshop to make it readable for you.)

I need a good Mastodon client for Android. The two best reviewed clients in the app store are paid apps by developers who don't mind making money from white supremacists.So I'm stumped.

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Rules for Makers is "name your own price" and you can actually read the whole thing in the screenshot if you don't want to even download the pdf. So no one's actually paid anything for it until just now someone tipped me a dollar. Poetry is pretty far out of my brand identity. It made me really happy.


I can't decide what's stupider.

Writing a choose-your-own-adventure story without planning and flowcharting it first.

Or writing an erotic, philosophical choose-your-own-adventure story at all.

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