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Morning jam: "What are we going to do about the rich?" A question left provocatively unanswered. By Pet Shop Boys.

On one hand, asking a RPG designer about their next project is the best question. "I really like your stuff. Tell me more." On the other hand, it's the most crushing question. "Don't tell me you're tapped out? I guess you weren't the inspired creator I thought you were."

If you're following me on (Mastodon), please also follow me as @paulczege
It's my identity address on Friendica. Because of federation you can follow it right in Mastodon (whether you're using Friendica or not) and then you'll see everything I post from it as well.
With the shuttering of Google+ I may gradually start using it more. It lets me share to groups, and has a higher character limit for posts.

The only good thing about the shuttering of Google+ I can think of is you'll be able to quote people and they won't remember well enough to be able to deny it.

Empire of the Petal Throne has an introduction by Gary Gygax. Name another RPG with a guest introduction? Why don't we do this more commonly?

Kiri Leonard says the point of is "whether or not artists are subconsciously painting things that kind of look like themselves." But what if you did ?

I got a quick look when left its phone unlocked after posting to its Slack.

...picking the Poet's mother to die at the end, but got a little choked up during my eulogy. He told me I could get a new mother. I told him that usually doesn't happen, but that as The Land he could probably make happen whatever he wanted. He said, "Yes, you get a new one, because I say." On the walk home we talked about why people die. No regrets at all about playing it.

Just played 's entry to the , To Vermont & Michigan, with my seven-year-old kiddo:
Took less than fifteen minutes. He chose to be The Land. He did a good job of describing the transitions of the seasons, less a good job making them seem ruthless. He was brave...

So many "Best Books of the Year" lists are the same books you've seen on the bestseller lists, or the new shelf at the library, or other "Best Books" lists, or they're by known authors. It's great to see a list where it's clear the writer reads beyond what's been marketed to her.

Is adding new projects progress? I'm not sure. But I have big plans for some doneness in 2019.

It's been about a year since we did @lumpley style charts for game projects, so it seems like good time for an update.
Solo parenting and packing a house from August through November and then moving across country, was fully consuming and really cut into my creative projects, so there's pretty much nothing further toward "Finished", but there's two new projects I'm excited about in the lower left, and some shuffling of priorities in that column.

Kiddo: "Daddy, where does water come from?"
Daddy: "It comes from dirt."
Kiddo: "It does not."
Daddy: "Sure it does. Like, if you sell dirt you can get money and buy water."
Kiddo: "That doesn't make any sense!"
Daddy: "Well, I actually agree. People created capitalism, but it's become something nobody really understands anymore."

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