Painful question.
I've sometimes thought about designing games that play themselves.
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Some musings: oftentimes we create for an audience, but they have limited access to what we've crafted. They may even have no awareness of it. You wrote a game for them but they don't know anything of it. In that case, did the object fail?

God I hate them.

You only need to think about the practices of your cell phone carrier to know what a piece of shit a free market USPS would be.

I feel like I'm running out of time to write a tell-all book about Trump.

My kiddo has his own way of counting on his fingers to do simple addition. He starts counting the first finger as the first addend, and then continues counting as many fingers as the second addend, and then he subtracts one. And I can't get him to stop doing it that way.

I got all the immersion in Reagan-era futurist thinking I ever need during the actual Reagan era, thank you very much.

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@momatoes has relaunched her Patreon. She is a fantastic illustrator, layout artist, and designer straight out of . Her up and coming work, ARC, is its own elegant, pick-up-and-play system built for haunting, beautiful adventures.

If Biden picks Harris, it says something about him. She was the harshest critic of him during the debates. It draws an extremely strong contrast to Trump. It says Biden can take criticism like an adult and make it part of his forward action, unlike the revenge games of Trump.

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we are days -- perhaps hours -- away from learning whether Trump thinks Biden's VP is attractive

Ha ha Coronavirus, I win this round! I have no thyroid!
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The Coronavirus May Mess With Thyroid Levels, Too by Roxanne Khamsi in @elemental

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DEADLINE EXTENDED! Indie game artists, developers & designers—you've got until August 17 to submit fresh proposals to ten $5000 commissions for playable works dealing with the Bill of Rights! Looking for an angle? Here's how our submissions look so far:

I'm nervous about this. @jeeyonshim is a dangerous game designer.

Next time I do a podcast interview I need to restrain my responses so it's less obvious I've forgotten to how to have voice conversations during the pandemic.

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schedule for the next five episodes:
@Taylordnd on games for education and social justice
@HalflingCaravan on Beta Maxx Theft
@DeePennyway on Mnemonic
@MeromorphGames on Atma
@paulczege on The Clay That Woke and The Forge
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4-10 players is rare design space
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Fruit of Law is one of those things that your english professor would make and make you do as an exercise to understand mythos and I wish there were more humanities esp LITERARY profs who instruct via ludology or .. ya games

Starfleet protocol requires first testing for what any time cryogenically frozen humans from Earth's past are discovered?

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