The journalism we need puts these officials on the spot, on the record, with hard hitting questions.

The gradeschool kids doing the paper at my son's school are getting results.

"Like, just send me some dudes who look like they could get elected!"

The casting director did so much better with the diplomats the past few days than with the senators.

Kiddo: "The peanut butter cookies we make are not gluten free."
Daddy: "They're not. But how do you know?"
Kiddo: "Because of the ingredients."
Daddy: "Yes. But which specific ingredient?"
Kiddo: "The wine."
Daddy: "Dammit. Stop it. You know. I know you know."
Kiddo: "Ha ha."

I'm hosting a jam! It's about writing the fictionalized experience of playing a tabletop RPG or storygame you don't think you'd otherwise get to play:

Please help me spread the word.

I solved one of these once in a game by defining 1 as a prime number and blaming it on Henri Lebesgue.
RT @lumpleygames
"If only everybody could play 1.4 characters."

"I'm trying to figure out how to give the players 1.4 turns per round."

"Hey, I solved it! You just roll 1.4 dice. No problem!"

First one with the kiddo for issue three of his . The friendship between Shark Girl and Princess Maclumpha is some of my favorite ones we do.

As before, his characters, my script, his art, my lettering.

I would have wanted this bedding so badly when I was twelve.

Wait, I've seen the movie Dave. The question you should be asking is, has anyone seen Alec Baldwin?
Did Trump make it out of the residence today? Do we know?

My gift is the Running Wild with Bear Grylls license to, because I think they would know how to do something great with it.

Here's some fun. Pretend you could give an RPG or storygame designer the official license to do a game based on a media property that you think would be perfect for them. And then tweet it to them with the hashtag.

I'm the Robert Browning of tabletop design.
"I'm the _______ of tabletop design."

tag yourself

Name me a tabletop RPG with the following characteristics:

1. Suitable for young kids
2. Isn't about fighting, wealth acquisition, or committing crimes
3. Includes rich and colorful rules for leveling up

(Or if you’re following the hashtag today and would just like to read the fiction from The Clay That Woke, DM me.)

...My previous RPG, The Clay That Woke, Is about underclass minotaurs in a declining civilization, and is also entwined with a novella. You can find it here if you’re interested:

...find themselves in a world that thinks differently, where there are no prisons, and no common currency, etc. The game text will be entwined with a novella to convey its world & themes. I’ve done this once before...

A1: I'm a designer of roleplaying and storytelling games. My current project, Traverser, which takes place in a solarpunk future, is about characters who think like we do about war, and capitalism, crime, and justice, and how the world works, and then...
Q1: Introduce yourself! Where are you from? What’s your connection to the solarpunk / ecopunk / hopepunk / climate f…

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