If you've wanted a physical copy of The Clay That Woke for your collection now is the time.

I'm moving soon across the country, and my little 3' x 4' storage locker is jammed with copies of The Clay That Woke, mailing and packaging supplies, and printing supplies for other projects, and I need to seriously reduce it. Please help me out. I'm putting physical copies of The Clay That Woke on sale at a super reduced price of $14.99.

If I can sell 150 copies in the next ten or twelve days it would cut my storage space of books and mailing supplies by almost half and the money would really help with the (shockingly expensive) moving costs.

Thank you. Please reshare wherever you talk with gamers who might be interested.

@edheil Denver. Danielle got a job with the State of Colorado.

@paulczege congratulations! Michigan's loss is Colorado's gain

@paulczege I already own the book, but would love a set of tokens. Is there any way I could purchase just the tokens, or are you only selling book + token sets?

@wombat Did I reply to you? I know I replied to someone else who asked the same question. Yes, I'll sell you just a set of tokens. Are you in the United States? Send me an email:

@paulczege Will do! Looking forward to some around here.

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