Empire of the Petal Throne has an introduction by Gary Gygax. Name another RPG with a guest introduction? Why don't we do this more commonly?

@paulczege When did it fall out of favor? I would guess the 90's?

You've seen my shelfie. I went through a bunch of core books and didn't find a single one with a guest written foreword/preface/introduction.

@paulczege Crazy. I really want to plat that over time. And your stat table as well.

@paulczege Pandemonio has an intro by Andy Kitkowski. It's a fantastic intro that changed the way I read RPGs.

@paulczege I think Serena Valentino wrote an introduction to Spookybeans. Also, all those words may only make sense to me.

@paulczege we got Dennis Sustaire to write a foreword for The Warren.

@paulczege we got Matt Fraction, Kelly Sue Deconnick and Curtis Weibe to write forewords to our Fiasco playset collections. Wil Wheaton foreworded the Fiasco Companion.

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