I designed and wrote A Viricorne Guide for the game jam — 5092 words in less than a week.

You can get it here:

You're an adventurer (probably) come to the city of Viricorne for some purpose, and you've hired a guide named Sholor for help. It's a gamemastered game. You experience the City. You roleplay interactions with your guide and with other NPCs played by the gamemaster.

Certain actions you take, like murder, and healing, and making art, and flying, require spending tokens.

Beyond that I don't really know what it's about. I'm always a very reflective and intentional game designer, but when you're designing and writing a 5000 word game in less than seven days, you lose your ability to be so reflective.

You either trust your unconscious to do the heavy lifting of making it all hang together, or you don't finish the game.

So, I don't know. The game describes places you can visit in Viricorne — Onsen Raba, The Corne of Patience, The Library of Diaries, The High Trunc of the Corne of Arrival at dawn, The eastern colonnade of the Sap Market, etc.

The description of Onsen Raba feels to me like the most direct glimpse of the heart of the game. It's the last thing I wrote, so maybe by the end I was more consciously understanding what my unconscious was saying?

@paulczege Your unconscious left a stray period in the title on the cover. It's hurting my typesetting brain.

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