@paulczege it is too soon for me to engage in this conversation without rage, but holy shit why do people not realize that this is a systemic problem that they're perpetuating

@paulczege last week I had a conversation with a dude who wanted to tell me all about how OTHER male wargamers should act differently to make the space more inviting

when I asked him what he was doing, he said "I'm not the problem"


@paulczege I was told by a store owner yesterday that he won't promote women in his store because men might take that personally and women don't play wargames so that's lost profit

he knows women don't play wargames, because less than 10 women have shown up to all of the competitions he's been to

most of which have been in his store


@paulczege ah yes, the latest addition to the "we need more women drone pilots" nyt repertoire

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