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sometimes we undervalue certain aspects of the creative process & label them procrastination when in fact making an aesthetic for your WIP, etc. may be just what your brain needs to unwind and think on the story itself. Most creative work is intangible.

@paulczege I think of this a lot. I lounge about, daydreaming, doing other stuff, but I believe that creativity cannot be commanded and so these activities are part of the ritual that I need to get started. An important part of creative work that is hardly ever discussed or taught, sadly.

@kensanata @paulczege I blame a lot of the "butts in chairs = work" mentality for productivity. A brisk walk is as good for my mental thinking as banging my head against a keyboard in a rhythmic pattern.

@craigmaloney @paulczege Yes! Same argument people that oppose home office sometimes give: they want to check on employees. But if we say that might as well be slacking off at the office, the answer we sometimes hear is "at least they're in the office" → "butts in chairs = work" mentality!

@paulczege I find this true about work in IT, too. Don't rush me, let me mull it over for a couple days... "procrastinate" if you will... and I'll come up with a better solution than if you make me come up with one on the spot. I can get other useful work done while I'm mulling it over (because a lot of my mulling is in my "downtime" activities and in my unconscious).
Sometimes this isn't good... we need to make a decision and move on. But sometimes critical parts need that "procrastination".

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