: Hi, I'm Paul Czege. I'm a designer of roleplaying & storytelling games, like My Life with Master, Bacchanal, Nicotine Girls, & The Clay That Woke, & was organizer of the RPG design challenge. (I've also been creating occasional board games for playing with my kiddo. The photo is Gorillas Versus Chess.) My current main project is Traverser, a RPG about women ex-soldiers with quantum reality powers in a post-dystopian future.

@paulczege that looks brilliant where can I find out more about gorillas vs chess??

It's early early playtesting, but if you've got feedback I'd love to hear it. Set up the board like this. Chess pieces move as usual, but no pawn promotions. Gorillas move first. They move like kings unless they're attacking. They attack like rooks. And the one silverback when it attacks can jump over a piece that's right in front of the piece it wants to take. Chess pieces win by taking all four gorillas. Gorillas win by taking the three white chess pieces.

It's four brown pawns, one brown and one white bishop, and the white queen and white king.

I playtested it with a very smart six year old this past weekend at open gaming at a local comic shop. He played me to a draw. At the end I had a bishop and king and he had a non-silverback gorilla. He couldn't find a way to eliminate my king and I couldn't figure a way to take his last gorilla. It was dramatic and fun to that point and then a boring dance. I need to tweak it somehow so it doesn't happen this way.

@paulczege Having a hard time seeing it, but are the bishops on d2 and e2 ?

@paulczege @klaatu ooh this is great, reminds me of the game of dwarves and trolls in discworld

@paulczege I'll talk to my partner about this. She's running a casual chess tournament in 2 weeks with teens. If she ends up playtesting it with them, I'll let you know!

Have playtested Gorillas Versus Chess several times now with kids and adults. It's dramatic and fun at first but always resolves into a boring dance that neither player can figure how to bring to closure--either a king versus a single gorilla, or two gorillas versus a queen. I need to change it somehow so it ends with drama, but without changing the movement of the chess pieces.


my version of Gorilla Versus Chess involved a zoo visit

I'm not allowed in zoos any more -_-


hi Paul! been following your work for years!

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