When you read and play an RPG do you feel you know the designer better -- how they think the world works, what's important in life, how relationships work? If you know my games what are some things I think about those things?

@paulczege I’m not sure how you can make a piece of art and NOT reveal something about yourself. Sometimes the effort to not reveal oneself is so desperate that it is the overwhelming revelation.

@paulczege Ha, yes. It's kinda made me stop liking some people as much sometimes, shh, don't tell anyone.

@paulczege The Clay that Woke says some things about how you see relationships and masculinity.

@paulczege I feel like I should be able to say yes to this. I'm not sure. The designers interests come through strongly. Beyond that, there seem to be so many possible factors behind any decision, and some ideas can emerge on their own...
Maybe the short answer is: more than movies, less than books.

@thecorodon Big movies are economically risk-averse expressions of dominant cultural themes, so yeah, not much creator to find in them.

@paulczege Even small movies also have a boggling number of hands in them. On the best days you get the director's "vision," but they have to work with whatever the director of photography got of the actors' interpretations of the writers' screenplay, adjusted to work with the locations, props, and so on. A plethora of creators and influences; it's a wonder the final product is ever even coherent.

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