Hey @lumpley, would you say that Amazons is in the same tight mechanical tradition as The King Is Dead, Bedlam Beautiful, and Midsummer Wood? How would you Venn these games relative to each other?

@paulczege Oh, definitely not. It's a weird game, but it's a weird game in the familiar old Forge focused-game tradition.

From tighter to looser, generally:

Bedlam Beautiful, Midsummer Wood, Murderous Ghosts

Firebrands, The King Is Dead

In a Wicked Age, The Sundered Land

Amazons, Poison'd, kill puppies for satan (plus World of Adventure, Freebooting Venus, Storming the Wizard's Tower...)

Apocalypse World

@lumpley You're moving forward commercially with Amazons. Do you draw any conclusions about the commercial viability of looser vs. tighter games? Or what are your considerations for commercial viability?

@paulczege So yeah. At this moment, Meg's and my upcoming lineup of commercial releases goes The King Is Dead, then Bedlam Beautiful, then Amazons.

Of them, I'm most confident in The King Is Dead. Firebrands has quietly taken over as my second-best selling game in PDF, and I think The King Is Dead has more commercial potential than it does.


@paulczege But if I had good commercial sense, I'd prioritize AW:Fallen Empires and World of Adventure. I'm a fool, like always.

@lumpley Well, if I wasn't a fool I'd be doing a glossy, hardcover My Life with Master 2E. Artists are all fools to some degree.

@lumpley And also, "fool" is a continuum, not a binary. There are more foolish things you could be doing as a designer than prioritizing Bedlam Beautiful over AW:Fallen Empires. about being relatively less foolish than all the other fools.

@paulczege @lumpley Art is not a a matter of executing perfectly; it's a matter of making ever smaller mistakes.

@BrentNewhall @lumpley @paulczege I think it's about increasing the awesome to error ratio, which might not affect your error magnitude at all.

@BrentNewhall @paulczege @Halfjack But you're all creators & publishers too, not just me. How are you prioritizing your upcoming projects, wrt commercial viability?

@lumpley @Halfjack @paulczege Good question!

I take the stuff I've made that sells most and gets most attention, and I look for pain points to alleviate.

Folks told me they have trouble playing The Whispering Road as a campaign, so I'm adding advice around that.

@lumpley @Halfjack @paulczege Most of the time, the main difficulty lies in figuring out what the actual problem is.

@lumpley ( @Halfjack @BrentNewhall )
I am worse at prioritizing for commercial viability than you. I have two designs at the point that I know they're games with some kind of profit margin if I do the work to finish them. One would be a smaller success, smaller profit, but sooner if I prioritized it. I'm working primarily on the other one, because I will die inside if it takes me too much longer for it to be a published thing.

@paulczege @Halfjack @lumpley I'm terrible at making progress. Way too many projects on my plate; I'll push on one then it'll lay (lie?) fallow for months as I work on other stuff.

Hoping that minimizing my life and projects will help.

@BrentNewhall @lumpley @Halfjack
I think there's worthwhile productivity to be had in working across two or three projects like that. You get stuck on something with one, and switch to another. You're waiting on artwork, or playtesting, or feedback, on one, and instead of twiddling your thumbs and trying to decide whether it's been long enough to warrant a nag email, you spend your time on something else that's productive for a different project.

@Halfjack @lumpley @BrentNewhall
Maybe a differently interesting question is how people Venn their various projects? Like I don't think tighter to looser myself at all.

@BrentNewhall @Halfjack @lumpley
You know, Venn Diagram. Position them relative to each other and highlight the mechanical and thematic congruencies and divergences.

@paulczege @lumpley @Halfjack Ah, gotcha! I don't do that, personally. Each project brings in whatever's useful, whether related to an existing project or not. I don't find it useful to consciously compare projects, but maybe it would be!

@lumpley @Halfjack @BrentNewhall
So, like from one lens I put Traverser and The Clay That Woke into the same circle. They’re both about protagonists relative to societies. Textually they both use fiction woven through the rest of the game text to create their genre for the reader. They both have rich settings with weird and alien elements. And they have larger wordcounts relative to my other games. (If I were to draw an actual Venn diagram I have no idea what I’d label this circle.)

@BrentNewhall @Halfjack @lumpley
But Traverser’s core system, which suits it, is not entwined with it the same way that My Life with Master’s and The Clay That Woke’s systems are entwined with them. So from this other lens, My Life with Master & The Clay That Woke are in a circle that Traverser is not.

And then all three, Traverser, The Clay That Woke, and My Life with Master are in a circle together as expressions of my understanding of the world & humanity in ways none of my other games are.

@lumpley @Halfjack @BrentNewhall
Also I wrote three games in 2016: , , and , and one untitled nanogame in 2017. All three from 2016 go in the same circle as being inspired by cultural frustrations and dark thoughts. But , , and the untitled 2017 nanogame go in a circle together separate from as being closer in mechanical construction and less commercially viable.

@BrentNewhall @Halfjack @lumpley
Possibly ’s mechanical circle includes Bacchanal, as both are prompted storytelling games.

@paulczege @lumpley @Halfjack @BrentNewhall This needs the and tags for future graphers to find their way back to this discussion.

@paulczege @lumpley @Halfjack @BrentNewhall I think my biggest issue is asking for money for my stuff. I have to force myself to put price tags on stuff cause otherwise I'd be giving everything away online for free

@lumpley @Halfjack @paulczege @BrentNewhall Due to health reasons Bloodthorn Press is basically two years behind where it could be. But the "road map" looks like some actors schedules Blockbuster->Indie Film->Blockbuster-> Indie Film

We also have a pretty CRAZY idea about Haunted (one in the indie film category) that I have no idea if it's going to work or not.

@BrentNewhall @lumpley @paulczege Well that's the difference between art and craft, in my opinion. Craft is a matter of making ever smaller mistakes. Art is a matter of making ever *better* mistakes.

@lumpley @paulczege
I want to know what Bedlam Beautiful is, and I'm sorry this is a thread interruptus, but the title grabbed my eye.

@briecs @paulczege @lumpley It's one of @lumpley and @meguey's games that I'm most excited about and won't be able to get anyone to play it with me.

It's *brutal* and about mental health and about the song Tom o' Bedlam.

@briecs @paulczege @lumpley Bedlam Beautiful is Vincent's and my game in development about [lots of things] but also about the the intersection of women, relationships, and the medical industry, I'm quite pleased with how it's shaping up.

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