This afternoon I went back into an old journal looking for something, and cripes it's like I was totally a different person in the late summer of 2015. I'd been let go from a longtime wearying job in March and was living off severance from it. And I was on fire! I'd come up with and was running it. I was playtesting Traverser, had gutted out the core system and designed its current fantastic core system as a replacement. And I see now notes on another game idea with good potential.

Having a journal practice is good for self awareness of the best of what's in you. You can know in dark and uncertain times that the jittery, anxious, stressed, flailing failure isn't who you really are. That there's another you you can recapture.

@paulczege I've had similar results from my bullet journal. I haven't been 100% diligent in keeping it, but I definitely notice when I don't.

@paulczege I still dig back through my geologist journals to look at where I was.

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