A word cloud of the character stat names from 156 RPGs that I own from the 70s to today. Only a couple of them are D20. Only a couple of them are OSR. Only a couple of them are World of Darkness.

@paulczege are the blank edges of the word cloud for the many games without attributes?

That's just the way Wordly created the word cloud. I didn't include games in the dataset if they didn't use character stats.

@paulczege @jmstar I may have just used that on all the Gothic novels I've been reading lately.... for no good reason as far as I can tell.

There are, perhaps, only so many words to describe how a character physically interacts with the world around them.

I don't think it's that. I think the D&D view of how people affect the world just remains dominant for gamers.

You hate it Ash? It's in twelve games in my dataset, but the most recent of them is a parody of older games and calls it "Dumb Luck," and before that the most recent is from 1998. I think RPGs have mostly moved beyond the idea that Luck is a fundamental human engagement with the world.

@paulczege I always good annoyed by the idea of luck mechanics because I felt like it confused the line between the artefacts of play such as dice and the fiction being negotiated. These days though I mostly find it boring. Complete Scoundrel was my least favourite 3.5 book cause it felt like scoundrels weren't clever or far skilled but rather just "lucky"

Maybe your feelings are why it's fallen by the wayside. If a game has fortune mechanics then luck is seemingly already baked into everything.

There were actually fifteen games in my dataset with Luck stats. Here's their copyright years:

@acegiak @paulczege

My problem with Luck as a stat was that it was either too borad or too narrow, but never just right. Luck could apply to any and all uncertain situation, in which case it was clearly better than all other stats. Or a GM might only let you roll Luck when no other stat applied, in which case it was clearly worse than all other stats.

(A few games got around this using different mechanics for Luck. Feng Shui's Fortune stat was bonus dice to add onto another attribute.)

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