President Trump has exact requirements for what RPG texts he will read and play. This is the Challenge:
Design an RPG to President Trump’s requirements. Post it to social media by March 5th using the hashtag. As the judge I will pick two winners: 1) a game most likely to be tweeted about by Trump; and 2) a best game if you’re someone other than Trump.
You may not impeach the judge if you don’t like his verdict.

@paulczege ugh...A game likely to be retweeted by Trump? That could get ugly quick.

@StephenChast @paulczege Thus was born Bad Ombres: Legacy of the Wall Builder, a game of interpersonal drama, resource management, and the histories we leave behind. In the far-flung future, the heroes huddle around the dying firelight, trading stories of the Great Age as their protective barriers are hammered on by Nasty Women.

I was going to make the deadline "before the next departure or dismissal of a high profile aide or appointee". Hahaha, glad I didn't do that.

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