Roll a d12 and tell me about your current game design project in that many words.


Medieval outlawry and rebellion inspired by centuries of Robin Hood folklore.

Rolled a 9.

Jump to the boss fight, build character with flashbacks.

Let's see how my other project works with @paulczege's

I rollled... a one.


Man, that's awful.

@paulczege Outcasts, misfits, renegades' relationship drama in spaaaaaaaaaaaaace

[12] Giant chickens attack a midwestern diner full of ordinary people one morning.

Not enough games about orgone. Is it an RPG, or card game?

@paulczege It's a PbtA game that uses cards instead of dice.
The other four options are Blood, Phlegm, Yellow Bile and Black Bile.

Of course, demons will happily drink any of them...

(My other "current" project:)
Tourists of fantastic cities - but the day is short!

@paulczege I rolled the die but then could not decide which project?

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