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Thanks everyone. Whether you took advantage of the sale, or shared it to help me get the word out, I *really appreciate it.* It has reduced my storage space a lot and helped with moving expenses a lot too.

*The sale ends today.* If I let it go any longer I won't be able to ship purchases and also make my cross country move happen on schedule.
If you know anyone who's the audience for The Clay That Woke, please let them know.
Thank you.

I can't believe I'm going to move this much assorted paper and cardstock across the country. Linen resume paper, half weight Bristol, various grey and beige cardstock, a couple of Canson drawing pads, various white photocopy and glossy printer paper. The Hammermill is most of a ream of blue photocopy paper. At least I have it all in one box now, instead of all over the place. I really need to do a zine to reduce the quantity of cardstock.

Do you think we're in the new glory days of tabletop RPGs? A while back I said I think we're at the beginning of a trajectory that will play out over the next thirty years. You know how I know it's true? Because there's not yet a comparative literature of tabletop RPGs. No one's writing articles like "Hope and Entropy in the RPGs of Vincent Baker," or any comparative articles about race and racism, politics in worldbuilding, or other themes...

More copies of The Clay That Woke packed and ready to send. It's the most copies I've shipped in a single month since fulfilling the Kickstarter. Someone (not me) should organize a reading club for everyone (maybe including the Italians who are getting it in translation at the beginning of November).

Copies of The Clay That Woke packed and ready to ship. If you're thinking of jumping on my sale, please do it soon. I need to end it soon to focus on packing the house for the move.

An RPG cover for you to use. If you make a game for it I will put your name on it instead of Doe Jay's name and you can use it.

[The is something you can do too. Make a cover you think might inspire someone to design its game and offer it like this.]

Hand-making a single zine-style rulebook for playtesting my secret project at .

President Trump has exact requirements for what RPG texts he will read and play. This is the Challenge:
Design an RPG to President Trump’s requirements. Post it to social media by March 5th using the hashtag. As the judge I will pick two winners: 1) a game most likely to be tweeted about by Trump; and 2) a best game if you’re someone other than Trump.
You may not impeach the judge if you don’t like his verdict.

A word cloud of the character stat names from 156 RPGs that I own from the 70s to today. Only a couple of them are D20. Only a couple of them are OSR. Only a couple of them are World of Darkness.

Some creative sins aren’t exclusive to game designers — plagiarism, cultural appropriation, sexism, crass commercialism, etc. But some sins are.

Creating game hack before ever playing the game as written.
Willful betrayal or abuse of player trust in the game.

What are others?

As a designer it's interesting when you see a corporation decide there's value in featuring its designers.

Did you see our earlier conversation about "Venning" your game projects however you personally think about their congruences and divergences? Here's mine.

Sat down with the kiddo tonight to make our own cipher with me transcribing glyphs to his specifications. It started off alright, but then went off the rails.

Hydra has been leaving secret messages for my kiddo. They're bunglers though.

Game designer family is garbage picker family. But tell me you had a better gaming table in your room when you were six?