The best thing about Sleepy Hollow was how Ichabod Crane's semi-regular outrage at our society's liberty, privacy, and tax violations educated viewers about how far we've fallen from our first principles. I'd watch a whole show about him running fr office.

Update: A Facebook spokesperson has confirmed to me the harvested contacts weren't just used to recommend friends to users — the data was also utilised …

It's sometimes so hard to know what the kiddo is talking about when I ask him about school. For days he's read a "Peace book" that has "Donald Trump on the cover" during reading time, and I'm getting ready to ask his teacher what's going on.

It's this book.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

You don't really need game jams if you're a self-fulfilling tabletop game creator even just once before. Like I have 700 6x9 plastic zip bags left from a carton from before. "Hey Paul, design something to use those bags!" Reality is a continuous game jam once you've shipped one.

I wrote this in the text of a storytelling game in January, 2009. Can you even imagine how much worse it gets in the one I wrote in November, 2016?

Hey! I'm Qistina and I'm an artist from Malaysia :D I love to make abstract fantasy work and I do a lot of covers :)

My favorite session of was Whitney Delaglio's Prism. Lots of designers and world-builders are technicians. Whitney is an artist. She's been doing her Prism comic for years and when you play the Prism game it's clear the world she made is super personal to her.

...the questions:

Welcome fellow traveler. It is April and new growth blossoms heralding the turning of seasons. Join us in a tale or thirty about what you’re making? Let our community flourish with seeds of connectivity.

Day 1: Introduce yourself!

I’m Paul Czege. I’m a designer and self-publisher of roleplaying and storytelling games, a community builder in the games scene, an occasional guest at game conventions, and the dad of a seven-and-a-half-year-old kiddo. Sometimes...

I'll know in less than a week if the tokens were the right solution.

Okay, a decently high res image. My graphic from a while back. 3.1mb. Let's see what happens when sends it from Mastodon to Twitter, and then the Friendica connector pulls it over to

Hmm. So unless the Mastodon to Twitter cross-poster is slow, it doesn't tweet posts that are replies on Mastodon.
Let's try the hashtag again:

And let's see what a photo looks like.

The only good thing about the shuttering of Google+ I can think of is you'll be able to quote people and they won't remember well enough to be able to deny it.

Empire of the Petal Throne has an introduction by Gary Gygax. Name another RPG with a guest introduction? Why don't we do this more commonly?

Kiri Leonard says the point of is "whether or not artists are subconsciously painting things that kind of look like themselves." But what if you did ?

I got a quick look when left its phone unlocked after posting to its Slack.

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