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July ttrpg theory fill-in-the-blanks challenge.

With certain outcomes it turns out you have a super power. You roll to see what it is. Over the past few days he's suggested a few more to add:

Can Eat Fast
Can Make Time Pass Fast
Never Has To Sleep

They're all solutions to his biggest exasperations with his childhood :)
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Playtested Eight Simulator with the kiddo and I can't even describe how fun it was. But also now my head is also really spinning. I can …

But when I switch the sort to sentiment, the vast majority of my most positive sentiment tweets are by me. They aren't retweets. They're stuff like this:
And this:

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Day 4: Describe your work.
I think hidden in the fun of the best RPGs is something the designer knows about how the world works, about communication and how people work and cr…

Just because there is a manufacturing solution for something, and just because you've seen others doing it, does not mean it's a good business idea.
People were relentless telling me to do sets of dice for Bacchanal. It took me five years to sell 25 sets.
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is coming!

Playtested Eight Simulator with the kiddo and I can't even describe how fun it was. But also now my head is also really spinning. I can predict adult behavior when I'm designing a game, but I can *not* predict child behavior.

The indie RPG scene in the Philippines is exploding.
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Gamers and GMs released the event page for today, and I'm excited to share this video that @stacey_LichArts and @diwataMANILA worked on for the event reveal. The is ramping up with six or seven weeks left. Let's work hard!

Dragged the kiddo away from YouTube to make a character sheet for playtesting Eight Simulator.

I'm on today.

I'm sure your list of grievances is as long as mine. Join me if you can.

This is a roleplaying game, which is a kind of game you play as an imagined character.

You are an eight-year-old child living in a new neighborhood. It’s alright. It could be better. You haven’t made any friends your age yet. Also, you might have superpowers.

I wanted a cycling cap so bad when I was a kid.

If you told me three weeks ago that I would be installing and playing roblox on my phone I would have laughed you out the door.

Did you watch? During the Q&A by viewers I got asked if I ever designed a game inspired by faerie. And the answer is...yes. is a story game sized as a single Instagram image. I think its faerie inspiration is pretty apparent.

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We're forging ahead with the stream-a-thon, charging towards our next milestone to benefit the . Coming up in about 80 minutes, we'll have @…

Super thought provoking. I think she's right about the importance of being able to impose a real social matrix on your interactions. It was something I could do on Google+ because of its functionality, and can't on Twitter and other platforms now, and I'm really feeling it.
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Today's design blog is about an adjacent topic:

toxcity in online ttrpg spaces; why social media contributes so much; & how I've …

I'm told it's not as easy to free a hiding character as you first think.

Oh, an apologist for death camps. On Fox. Imagine that.
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.@kilmeade on children who have been split from their parents as a result of Trump administration policy: "Like it or not, these are not our kids. Show them compassion, but it's not like he's doing this to the people of Idaho or Texas. These are people from another country."

You would like The Tower Will Fall @temporalhiccup@twitter.com . It's a collaborative interpretation of twelve tarot cards as each manifests the influence of The Tower.
The maker is: instagram.com/transmutarecandl

Here's our haul. He spent all his profits on the Quick the Clockwork Knight comic, but he totally loves it. It's a choose-your-own-adventure comic like the Hocus & Pocus ones he also loves.

He sold out. People were coming up to him asking to buy a copy. He had a blast. He sold eight copies and traded away two.
Here he is signing one for a woman who bought it.

They're his characters. I write scripts for them. He does all the art. I do the lettering.

Heading out now with my kiddo to and he's bringing copies of his comic. If you see us among attendees he'd love to show it to you or sell you a copy.

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