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Sat down with the kiddo tonight to make our own cipher with me transcribing glyphs to his specifications. It started off alright, but then went off the rails.

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Hi all. I'm a gamer, playtester and designer from Poland, co-author of the infamous The Beast (I have sex with the Beast it's a secret).

I overthink everything.

Hydra has been leaving secret messages for my kiddo. They're bunglers though.

When you're writing fiction for a game that involves parallel quantum realities and edits to past happenings (ala Groundhog Day) your outline and notes read like madness:
"This is the scene when Mar and Anand have sex for the first time for the second time."

Someone tells you a bit of news you might not have heard.
Five+ years ago: "Oh, I read about that."
Now: "Oh, I saw someone share a link about that."

Cripes, someone spends three of their limited vacation days running a multi-session playtest of your RPG-in-development. How do you ever live up to that? How do you ever repay them?

A fresh snippet of fiction:
"So that’s how two hours later I found myself huddled over a plate of grilled shrimp and grouper, sipping home-brewed cider from a chipped Fanta bottle across from Clinton and Shane and their daughter Charlotte at a table made from a big industrial wire spool. And I was wearing a new clingy, mesh running shirt and ultralight cargo shorts from among a raft of performance style clothing given to me by an AI loom roommate of theirs who made outdoor apparel."

Thought of the moment cont'd: Mastodon is also a way more ephemeral experience than Twitter. It doesn't have Twitter's mechanisms for elevating older posts to your attention: stories, "you may have missed"

Thought of the moment: Lack of full text search on Mastodon (presumably a limitation of distributed instances?) means hashtagging is a lot more fundamental to the platform than it is to Twitter.

3/ is the most horrid game I've ever designed. It's a card-driven storytelling game in which the god Azathoth comes with its court to a small American town and inflicts its debasements and judgement and favors on characters who are very much like the players. Playtesting is done. It needs to be written for a limited little production run and then buried forever.

2/ The Near Dead is an RPG for online video chat where you play a necromancer summoning invisible spirits for their life advice. The spirits are people from among your online friends who join with their webcams covered until you guess who they are. It needs a small rewrite to help the players of spirits know better how to play.

1/ My main project is Traverser, a RPG about women ex-soldiers with quantum reality powers in a post-dystopian future. They can get money or things and information when they need it, and change how past events played out. It's about self discovery in a society that's better than human society was before. Internal playtesting is done. I will have it written for external playtesting soon.

Game designer family is garbage picker family. But tell me you had a better gaming table in your room when you were six?

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Looks like Kickstarter is taking on Patreon with their new Drip program:

I know many designers here have Patreons already, what are your thoughts?

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@paulczege "If you want to give an RPG designer the best creative gift ever, run their RPG with them as player."

This, good lord yes. I have never played Paranoia. Not once. I have only ever GMed it. And I'd be the first to admit I am not a great Paranoia GM.

Last: A playtest of The Near Dead.

Best: Geez, all multi-session games, not one shots. A Theatrix supers game run by my friend Tom fifteen years ago. My Life with Master run by Kelley Vanda. (If you want to give an RPG designer the best creative gift ever, run their RPG with them as player.) The Pool, run by me sixteen years ago; this is the campaign that taught me how to run narrativism, how to run interesting NPCs, and how not to railroad.

Want: Sol

Curious thought of the moment: Does "last/best/want" not map as well to the way board gamers think about their gaming as it does for RPG gaming?

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Official Search Turn Essay Writer
Person of color with exp living in a small, rural town in North America in the past 30 years & understanding of the culture. Subject is race in small towns & intersections of race, gender, orientation, etc.

This is for _Turn_, a game of shapeshifters in small towns w populations under 5000. It explores daily life & relationships, identity & belonging.

Full length of essay to be discussed), $.07/word. Due date is not immediate.


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I'm Misha a longtime gamer and GM and fledgling designer working on raising the next generation of geeklings.

Stuff I’ve worked on:
(editor), Chill: SAVE, Lovecraftesque, Dead Scare, Misspent Youth: Sell Out with Me

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