me, flipping of an army dog: fuck you, boot chewer

the way they teach you about "non violent movements" in history class is propaganda designed to make you believe that resistance is an intellectual and performative undertaking

It's okay if you didn't get it all done today.

had a very good day today because i stopped to pet the neighbourhood cat (binks, who is an angel) and he let me pick him up and cradle him like a baby bc hes a perfectcat

and then a six-year-old came up walking the other way and stopped with eyes like saucers and i was able to gift this child an oversized cuddly fluffcat and tell her he likes tummy pats and i think that child had a religious experience and tbh same

dude ur lookin fuckn polite as hell today. you been practicing ur interpersonal skills lately my man? bro all im saying is ur tactful as fuck rn

why the fuck are singers always on about when they were 17. who the fuck wants to think about when they were 17. I was utterly miserable

still very disappointed that math rock is not in fact rock music about maths.

oh to return to when i was fourteen and convinced i had proved the parallel postulate

I’m running for President in 2020 as a hardline biblical literalist

i settle down for the fifth evening running in order to watch yet another documentary about caves. everyone who lives with me slowly moves their food out of the living room as david attenborough continues to talk about quivering stalactites of sulfuric-acid-drinking mucusoid bacteria

me in the middle of class after thinking abt euclid for too long: ok no listen but what IS a line

'why do you call your dad an acquaitance' because i'm gay

for the First time in our long acquaitance he has said something correct

every time i call batpuss little baby my dad goes 'no! shes an adult cat! stop patronising her!' but i just heard him in the other room (trying to give her a bath after she gave herself a bath in a muddy puddle) saying 'oh . . . maybe you are baby, little catpuss . . . maybe you are the babiest . . .'

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