1 boost = 1 totally bananas moment from the old star wars books

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usually i can't stand working in small chunks, like pomodoro, because i have no opportunity to hyperfocus, but i've been very low energy today bc i'm ill and working in 20-minute sections has been very helpful bc i can't stomach working in my usual 2-hour intervals but if i don't set a time limit i'll just give up after ten seconds.
i guess what i'm saying is: improvise adapt overcome, u feel

the solution is clearly that i should never have to do statistics ever. let me be entirely theoretically, both academically and personally. do i exist? not the point!

Maths a level is bad bc it means I can do half an hour of maths and end up with a page of writing

ahoy it's me, red and black beard, the anricapitalist pirate! capitalism is arrrrnsustainable!

hi! i'm making an essay type thing on the growth of the right due to the internet.

4 subjects:
- the sites that play a role
- what role did the internet have in its growth
- their vocabulary and symbolism
- why can't leftist groups grow like this

i could use any and all input you have for this and i would also love it if you had any sources or anything such as news articles, studies, docus, videos, etc.

please also boost to spread!!! i rly need some help

The best Mastodon meme was when we told each other how much we loved and cared for one another

hm... the lesbians are doing fantastic things with She-Ra and space rocks... I think we should let them take control of everything else too

every person on earth has a tiny scroll inside of their spine. the mezuzah attempts to replicate this, but usually your spine scroll says stuff like "consider the mud" or "dark in here" instead of religious junk

@dankwraith lol yes.

And also: we make decisions about what we are counting, whether we will count it, and what meets the criteria for being counted, and that is both unavoidable and fundamentally subjective. Mathematical axioms are far from self-evident and are hotly contested. You cannot escape the people doing the math.

STEM bros are often dangerous because they know just enough to think they know everything and think "numbers are subjective" is silly humanities stuff. Nope. It's math.

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someone was trying to explain Firefly (the tv show) to me the other day

and i have. seen all of it. but he was like 'oh theres this show that u wont know bc ur A Young' so i let him struggle

and he started with 'ok u know star wars--' and i went 'no' immediately and he just couldn't process that

'ive never seen the star wars' and he just. broke down

fun times


does mastodon have a equivalent? a ? ? somewhere i can go for aesthetic pictures of flashcards

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