Hot take: "Debate" as a form of conflict has filled the cultural niche that Dueling once did. It's the same form of fake ritualised combat, and insecure white men like doing it because it makes them feel they're more capable at something than they actually are. Just as no one who was good at dueling would have actually been any good at fighting in a war, no one who's good at debate is actually any good at changing people's minds.

rly wanna maybe find a came somewhere. live in it. cultivate mushrooms and edible moss. keep cave-cats. practice my creepy echoes

left for a while n came back and damn u guys really toot fast out here on the mastodon. this shit really moving

anyway the title of my new terrible fantasy novel is Shrike and the Dead and its about detectives, ghosts, goblins, dwarves, magic swords, the fantasy mafia, gods, being gay, and world war 2

me to me: do NOT give in to the impulse to plot another fantasy novel ur never gonna write
me to me back, condescendingly: goblins :)

at midnight i kissed my perfect little cat on her teeny tiny head and this is the best possibel luck for the new year

i dont keep that money in my wallet

i have no money and also i lost my wallet. and my glasses

drew my sailor ranger lad :') he looks, uh, excessively like whats his face, one of the chrises, but this is unintentional. this is captain sensibility perseverance wolverton-lupescu, but he'd prefer you call him billy.

consistent pen and paper rpg sessions for everyone

by national decree, it will be impossible to know things. all knowledge will be categorized as "fallible human perception". furthermore, categories will be categorized as "weird structuralist hogwash"

healthcare for everyone, I will also outlaw death

every lawn a veggie garden. every golf course also a veggie garden. skyscraper walls and windows? guessed it, veggie gardens

-killing nazis or billionaires is no longer murder, if it's off season it'll just be poaching

-its always on season

seven-year-old cousin aleks: do you want one?
me: one what?
aleks, grinning: a knuckle sandwich !
me, on instinct, entirely serious: do you?

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