today i have learned that the secret to popularity on the mastodon is pictures of the littol cat in a takeaway bag

update: having posted pictures of the littol cat online she is now enraged and attempting to eat the strings on my hoodie

me, in full awareness that my cat is asleep on the kitchen table: oh . . . where is my littol cat . . .

for example, being really jacked is more likely to get u a gee eff. sorry, bards

sometimes . . . being really jacked . . . is better than wizardry

okay so here’s the thing: if you’re upset, don’t just bitch around. if someone asks you about it, be open. it’s great to think of your own life and soothe your own wounds, but you don’t live in a bubble and your anger can hurt other people.

actually, it wasnt all that bad. i did a lot of lifting and i managed to write about 2k despite the headache. being less negative: it was a pretty good day

big grumpy. headache was basically gone yesterday and then at noon today it came crashing through my skull like the kool-aid man

its an ungodly hour, i'm running to the gym in ten minutes, its sleeting, and i've nobody to blame but myself

:3< TDOV:
:3< Þose who Do nOt respect trans people will haVe þeir skin stolen

im a d&d account again as god intended and it feels good

thinkin about . . . west marches games . . . a west marches game with pirates . . .

stranded-on-a-desert-island-style let's-build-a-settlement stuff Plus Pirates . . .

quitting my job hell yeah goodbye food service hello lying at home on the weekends worrying about assignments

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