What does it shoot? Does it shoot? If not what does it do?

Hell if I'm going to try it & find out.

Every so often a rift pops open underwater & ticker crabs from Mechanus skitter into a Prime Material sea. Inedible, of course, but some harvest them for rare metals & semi-precious stones. The more patient & well equipped wait for hungry crabs to uncover a vein of metal in the rock around tidal pools, since they dig & chisel in search of it for their food.


I used to do a lot of hand drawn artwork, pen and ink mostly. But after wrecking my hands for 18 years at a factory I can't really do that anymore. So I've now been playing around with the NightCafe AI art generator just for fun. It's been nice to put together some visual stuff once again, most of it dark and horror inspired. Here's my profile page there. creator.nightcafe.studio/u/pet

About four years ago I sold off my Morrow Project collection to a friend who is now my boss because we really needed the money. This weekend he offered to sell it back to me for what he paid for it. After going over what we need to survive here at the house I'm going to ask if I can make payments on it each week. Pretty sure he'll agree.

Then once I get it all back it'll be time to attempt to run the Riverton module. Because I played the game quite a bit, never ran it. I need to change that.

I wish Wizards wouldn't announce their releases this far out. Because for the next two months at the shop I'll have people asking me when Planescape is coming out this December. Then for the next twelve months after that they'll keep asking me when it's coming out. Just went through that with the three months before Spelljammer came out. It's like they can't look at the release schedule themselves or they expect books to show up the very week after they are initially announced.

The week of GenCon I'll be working six days in a row at the shop Tues thru Fri. The boss is going to the con and I'm getting those extra hours. If you're driving through Missouri on your way there drop in and say hello if you're able.


So my homebrew setting called "Welcome to the City" has been something I've been working on for a while. I've half created and threw out a half dozen game systems for it. Now I'm starting to think the one from Alien may be close to what I'm looking for to run it properly. Guess I may try that out.

At the shop I work at we have four spinner racks just for the smaller sized books. Here just a glimpse of the variety we keep on there.

For those interested. Most of my stuff on DrivethruRPG is upon the "Christmas in July" sale. More will probably be added as the days go by. So give my wares a look, they were cheap before and are even cheaper now.


Having played in my first session of Alien tonight. Made a roughneck and by the end of the game I had 7 stress dice. While it's neat on the surface and can quickly make it to where your character can't do anything. If the session didn't end when it did I may have got up and left the game table because setting there rolling up more stress and accomplishing dick all was not fun.

Another shot from work. We carry just a few of the Wizkids /#Pathfinder miniatures. Just a few.

We got in a few copies of Radiant Citadel at the shop I work at. I have to say it is a really nice looking book after I got some time to flip through it quite a bit.

Well is this coming Saturday here in the US. The shop where I work at has plenty of material. PLUS they are doing a canned food drive AND an auction for the Suicide Prevention Charity with around a hundred items up for grabs. So anyone in Missouri or interested in making that drive here is the Facebook page for the shop. facebook.com/aesopstreasury

A link to a friends post over on FB. He runs a game as an activities director at Georgian Gardens. A facility for the elderly and physically impaired. Bringing gaming to those who normally would never get a chance to try it and honestly don't have a lot to look forward to day after day. Such an awesome thing to do. facebook.com/groups/mineralare

Anybody want to spend $600 a pop on some life sized kobolds? Because we now have them at the shop I work at. I have to say they look really good close up and in person.

We had some severe weather here so not many made it into the shop tonight. However it didn't stop the BESM group from showing up.

The Sla Industries game went okay but it felt like a step backwards. I'm still not on the level of running games like I used to. Starting to wonder if I would be better off just playing for now on.

Tonight is my night to run . Thinking of sending the ops on a mission to retrieve a BPN filecase from a 'malfunctioning' Stormer. Mainly just to see how tempted some of them would be to look inside the filecase before returning it.

Tonight at the shop was an Age of Sigmar tournament that went really well. But we also sold some Mork Borg stuff, a copy of Thirsty Sword Lesbians, a Ravenloft special edition (in the coffin shaped box) and several board games with other gaming odds and ends. So it was a good night.

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