Tonight at the shop was an Age of Sigmar tournament that went really well. But we also sold some Mork Borg stuff, a copy of Thirsty Sword Lesbians, a Ravenloft special edition (in the coffin shaped box) and several board games with other gaming odds and ends. So it was a good night.


Misspent Youth: Fall In Love, Not In Line focuses on inclusion and invitation. It brings gamers and non-gamers alike to play a quick to learn, narrative RPG putting you in the role of teenage rebels fighting to stop the adult-holes from fragging up your future.
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Also, check out our community copies for gamers, schools, libraries, and groups who can't afford RPG books.

I think in my retrocyberpunk game I'm going to get rid of the whole "jacking in" thing and just do hackers on foot with small computers built for very specific types of hacks set up before they go on a run. Opening doors, turning of security cameras, etc.

Wasn't much going on at the shop tonight. However while going through some hardbacks that came in I came across a 1980 guide to home computers. First I laughed a bit then I saw it was written by none other than Frank Herbert.

So yeah I ended up picking that one up. The title is even great, "Without Me You're Nothing". Going to use that for something in a game soon.

Breaking out an old blog post because sometimes it needs to be said again. Talking about the BS of the Sunk Cost Fallacy when it relates to the gaming hobby.

Someone on Twitter is organizing a TTRPG bundle with all proceeds going to reproductive rights. You can submit your game here:

Finally decided to do another session recap write up on my blog for our campaign. So give it a read if you will, I did a few write ups for the initial few sessions but then stopped.

Tonight in our game our little band of Rockerboys incited a riot so we could raid an Arasaka cryotank facility and rescue four people. Lot's of punk metal, gunfire and bodies. But we pulled off a successful run and made it out successfully.

Does anybody else have a 'bare bones' gaming kit they pack to a game when they don't to take much with them? Or is it just me?

Anyways, here is my 'basic' kit that is easy to pack around.

Something a little different today...
This is a #ScratchBuilt, typical #5e scale (i.e.1" = 5') #modelbuikd I'm working on. In downtime between actual work, I thought it might be fun to build some #DnD "#battlemap #props" for some ship-to-ship combat I was planning to run. In the end I've not had time to complete them (but still hope to), but I did use the skiff/elven #gondola as a plot device in my "Cold Comfort" game last year, even if they only saw an image of it.
#Ttrpg #ttrpgArt #3D #dnd5e

Tomorrow is my game night. I ran last week so this week I get to play. Time for the Ass Martian punk band to return to Night City after Johnny blew the hell out of Arasaka Tower and try to reign in the chaos in our favor a bit.

The game room was pretty dead at the shop last night. Just had one group playing Star Wars. But I managed to get through a lot of used books out of the back getting them cleaned logged in and on the shelf.

A local comic shop has been getting really snarky now that there is a shop that poses some serious competent competition. Leading up to Free Comic Book Day he's been getting really salty. Kind of sad and funny at the same time watching him drive away some of his customers and potential future customers by showing his ass online.

These metal D100's we got in at the shop are really shiny and cool looking. But damn they roll forever. Think I'll be sticking with my old d100 "Zocchidron" that's plastic and hallow filled with beads to slow down the roll so it stops better.

Tonight at the shop we mainly had Magic players (Friday Night Magic) but we also had two groups of high school kids who pulled a couple boardgames off our free to play wall and gave them a shot. Not sure which two they picked as I didn't get a chance to go look.

Tonight at the shop I work at we had a 5e group, a BESM group and another group playing the Disney Villainous board game. That and we got in packs of 'mystery' dice that have so far been a really good deal for everyone who's opened a pack.

May the 4th is a special day for me. Last year on this day was when I finally got to come home to my family after spending over a month in three different hospitals. Part of that time on a ventilator in which the doctors had doubts I would even survive as I was resistant to most treatments.

Well in my game I had the squad helping evacuate civilians out of an area designated for a 'Killzone' event to take place. Having to clear a senior center and a mall. They succeeded but didn't make it out themselves. For the duration of the event they barricaded themselves in the basement of a school while everything went to hell around them.

It was a good time.

Thankfully it's Tuesday. My gaming night. The one day of the week that I can a good chunk of players I want to share a table with together at one time.

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