I think that a vital factor for the long-term sustainability of Mastadon for the RPG design community is to lean more towards the Google+ model than twitter.

We have a far more generous character limit here that allows us to have far more nuanced design conversation than twitter did. By highlighting the difference in affordances we will naturally see a form of content specialization.

Let's embrace analysis and discussion over hot takes and discourse, shall we?


@genesisoflegend sadly what I miss about G+ is the structure that was built into it. The circles, full blocking ability and being able to section things off. I doubt if we ever get a social network that was that good again.

But until then this is looking pretty nice now that there are some more folks here.

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@peteramthor I absolutely understand that and I still miss circles. That said, I think that a targeted local instance of Mastodon might at least give us the old community function.

@peteramthor @genesisoflegend I can't wrap my head around the failing of G+. It was the best social media site I ever had the privilege of using. The group video chat was out of this world too.

@dexterdunbar @peteramthor @genesisoflegend tldr; Google had a privacy vulnerability so large that rather than plug it, they shut G+ down.

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