This week flew by so fast, I lost track of what day it was. I woke up thinking it was Wednesday. After work, I realized that Friday is tomorrow and rejoiced. Then I remembered I forgot about my weekly Obi-Wan Kenobi review.


Heading back to the reviews. Yesterday I was excited to look at OSE's Character PDF. I can't wait for the physical copy.

I had the urge to write on Friday night and shared it on my blog. I then forgot to share it anywhere else.

This is a continuation of my post called Ghouls.

There is not even one chainmail bikini to be found...

I can't quite sell these reviews as spoiler-free anymore. Too much is happening. This time on Obi-Wan Kenobi, the actions shifts from the light side to the dark side.

Well, I really didn't see that one coming. This is my 101st review on These Old Games. This one has a bit of spoiling happening in Episode 2 of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Sometimes, I just abandon projects.

This project was abandoned sometime in the 1990s. The goal was to make a Zentradi Battlepod in the same scale as Battle Tech.

Just a minor website update to show off a new image gallery. I'd like to use this to display my painted figures in the future.

This gallery shows off a Lego T.I.E. Fighter and my new affiliate links to the Lego Store. I'll be running some new types of ads in addition to some new content like lego products.

I don't have much time on my hands, so I read a story by @Larry Hamilton and watched a video by @Reverend Fox. It made me realize that I had a story sitting out on my blog in draft mode.

A brief update from the blog. I cover Theif Envy, rolling too many dice, and otherwise causing headaches for myself.

God, I'm tired. I wrote a 1000 or 2000 word post and either forgot to share or left it in draft mode.

This one is a two pieces post about the trouble I've brought on myself at the table plus one especially cranky and troublesome player at my table.

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