This Time of Darkness is a dark, but quick read. As you can tell from this review, this book could be a sourcebook for 1984 or the Paranoia RPG.

I decided to throw up a draft review of the Dungeons and Dragons Essentials Boxed Set because the price dropped from $20 to $15 on Amazon. All and all, it's a solid boxed set.

I'm planning to update some of my offerings on DriveThruRPG. What I discovered recently, my own house rules affect some of character classes I plan on publishing, so I need to write those rules down. &De1, &D, &D, ,

I have a couple of wacky character types for AD&D and D&D. You've seen The Monomach, The Unicorn and The Hoodlum class on my blog. I'd like to add in the Space Marine and 70's Era War Veteran.

My first step in doing this is addressing guns in B/X and AD&D. Come take a look at my treatment and let me know what you think.

In my second review of a D&D e5 product, I look at MCMLXXV. I also take a moment to mention Ten Foot Pole and Swords and Wizardry. I thoroughly enjoyed this module.

I do a three point (or more) post on some of the stuff I've been reading and doing this week. Ruins of Murkhill, Castles, Campaign Wiki, and the Marquis de Lafayette.

Today a revisit an old book from an edition of AD&D I hated. The Castle Guide, 1990. While I disliked 2nd edition, some of the guide books were fabulous. This is one of them.

Before I embrace more reviews of 5e D&D material, I want to do a fun movie review. I'm not entirely good with movie reviews, but more comfortable doing it that 5e.

Today, I pan Thor, my favorite Avenger.

I reviewed En Garde! earlier this week and forgot to share a link to it. En Garde! is a wonderful game system which owes little to other game systems. It's as refreshing in 2021, as it was in the 1970s.

It's rough, it has a creeping capital problem, but here is the second post on a sci-fi game. This post covers critical hits and various ship systems. It does neither well.

I've always wanted to create a full fledge game. Here is a rough draft of a very simple one.

I'm branching out a bit on these reviews. Today, I look at Stargate Universe. SGU is a science fiction romp where a large corporation attempts to crush the soul of the viewer.

Wait... That was Space: Above and Beyond. No... I meant to say Farscape. Uhhh... Firefly?

(Why don't science fiction fans ever get good shows with proper endings?)

In this older "Unreview" I share the thoughts of 3 bloggers on the Gardens of Ynn procedural adventure.

I figure I'd start with something easy. I love a good introductory set of rules and I enjoy this one a lot. This is my first review of an e5 D&D product and probably not the last.

Review number 29 of 2021. ORVIS by H. M. Hoover. I feel this is a milestone. I managed to talk about the insanity of exploring Venus with it's hell like atmosphere and slow rotation while working in the phrase "Hogwarts Community College".

I'm looking at a great character sheet as a part of an upcoming review.

I have my own character sheet on DriveThruRPG, so this new one kind of makes me jealous.

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