Part 9? How did that happen? Planning the walls for the Byre house plus what happened to all those stones I tried to dye.

I got my Lizardmen and Skeleton Minis from Goblin Clan Miniatures (formerly 3d MakerWorks). They look great! I can't wait to get painting.

We are up to step eight on the Byre house. This one is a tangent post where I work on some stone I need for the exterior. This process takes two days, so it comes next.

So I've been told: Game on! My players described their characters and as the designated DM, I have to come up with a scenario, a campaign. By Wednesday.

So close to having 100 downloads on every product on DriveThru. I need a couple more for my Swashbuckler character class and The Hex Pack.

It's summer, there will be a rainy day, why not download them before you need them? All titles are PWYW.

My podcatching software threw a glitch and loaded about a dozen older Blogs on Tape.

Episode 70 is fascinating. Worldbuilding: Cells in the Carceral Place by David Wilkie.

I created a nice hex map template. There are no scales, no numbers, text or anything, so I guess it isn't a 6 mile hex... but it could be. I created it for mapping in a MUD game, but you could probably use it for anything.

PWYW on DrivethruRPG, CC 4.0 license for private and commercial use. The product contains 2 pdf booklets for A4 and 8.5x11, plus 9 jpgs and 9 png files in a zip for creating your own products digitally.

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