I'm not going to be on dice camp, check me on Twitch,YouTube, the bird site @questingqueers

(not doing the online rpg scene anymore, so if you like video games and anime, check me out there...if not, oh welll

Burning Wheel, so far, all the schemes are going pear shaped but the group is lucky and savvy enough to roll with it.

Also god damn sorcery and faith are powerful. Haha.

I wonder what representation in fiction feels like?

Is it empathizing with a character based on shared identity and experience? Like, I have no idea.

Representation is important, but I wonder how feeling it would change my view?

randomly, a couple podcasts covered Event Horizon and and I just played a bunch of Prey and Doom recently...

Then I found Mothership...

Cool, so this'll happen at some point.


When one creates a vague idea of a rule or game to tear down, in order to support how one's preference is clearly superior.

Critiques need to be based in the text, and/or actual play. Making a strawgame strips away context needed to look at the game in good faith.

Runequest Glorantha question!

Is the new RQ easier to run with no supplementary material? Could I just go "it's bronze age, gods and myth are real, here is your clan and immediate problems go?"

OR do I still need to read alot and hope the players do to?

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Ever feel like you must have played an alternate reality version of a game due to the discourse surrounding it?

Anytime I hear stuff about 4e DnD, I can't help but think I played and ran a game from another world.

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The Shut Up and Sit Down Expo had already banned Zak S.

If smaller conventions are willing to enforce their anti-harrassment policies, I wonder why the big one won't.

There are other organized actions folks can take: strike, petentions, protests, etc.

I get there is risk. I work retail, and might be striking for better wages. Currently, I'm being payed $13.90, which is good for retail but not enough to live. I got lucky, we've got dual-income and a stable housing situation.

The only way to get GenCon, Wizards, Paizo and the other "big fish" to do something will be an organized boycott, and going to the press to shame them in taking action to keep the community safe.

Very excited, if slightly unprepared, to run Bunting Wheel tonight.

I've got action, beliefs, just haven't had the time to sit down with the character sheets and do my obsessive archiving of each character.

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Luke Crane (he of the Burning Wheel) is reviving his ash can venture at adapting old school Basic D&D to Musketeer-inspired adventures in Paris, and it is now becoming something quite unique, involving an almost global gazetteer of the peoples, politics and events of that most tumultuous Year of Our Lord 1648: kickstarter.com/projects/burni

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The more an RPG is about relaying ones notes or discovering anothers notes, the more I can feel myself pulled out of play and pulled into performing for an audience or being in the audience.

It saps away excitement and energy.

Im not saying prep is bad, I like prepping npcs...but when prep is relating ones map or plot, I just kinda hate it.

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