Examples of index cards I have behind my DM screen:

- marching formation & watch order
- which trickster gods have possessed which PCs
- time tracker
- combat details (created on the fly and then trashed)

Passing out 3x5 cards to my players to represent the rooms in the dungeon my players are going through has been going super well.

I've also started keeping my own DMing notes on cards instead of a notebook and it feels way more organized. And I can just throw out the combat cards after I'm done with them, instead of filling up my notebook with a mess of scribbled numbers.

I'm running Tomb of the Nine Gods for my D&D group (they just arrived last session and started exploring).

Since it's a fairly complicated interconnected dungeon, and I don't have a printed player-map, I was thinking of writing out an index card for each room, with a room number, room title, and list of exit directions. I'd hand them out every time they come to a new room, and they could add info as they please (like how exits connect to other room ).

Anyone else have experience doing this?

Anyone have a favorite combat system that foregoes fine-grained positioning for larger-grained "regions"? like, say areas between 3-30 sq meters, where many people can be in any one region, with rules for interacting with combatants intra- and inter-region?

is an example of a game like this, though it's only lightly RPG-ish.

Thinking about doing my first ever multiclass with my Curse of Strahd character. Devotion paladin 6/bard X. I think it would fit my socialist instigator character really well.

Probably won't have much time with a bard subclass, but I think Glamour Bard from Xanathar's could work really well, reflavored. Instead of taking on the appearance of a beautiful rock star, I'd turn into a strongman wearing overalls and wielding a hammer and sickle, marching into battle and inspiring his comrades.

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My Tomb of Annihilation players have finally reached Omu! Time for the game to really begin.

I gotta get rid of some of these followers, though... they're making the combats way too easy. mwe he he.

Been hacking the heck out of lately. I think one of my next steps should be to start actually creating reusable adventure materials in it. Like, creating a short adventure with multiple scenes, containing challenges and items and maps and whatnot.

The actual game mechanics are still totally up in the air, but the campaign management can kinda be used.

In the Tomb of Annihilation game I'm running, the PCs have run into three women villains who have eluded them. A medusa, a hag, and a lich (they didn't know the lich was a villain, or even a lich, but she is keeping an eye on them).

I am so excited to introduce these three women behind-the-scenes and have them become the Boss Bitches who track down the PCs late in the campaign.

I am still working on ! Never give up!

Been polishing up the game and module saving/loading experience, with an eye toward improving the "starting a new campaign / module" experience.

welp, that did _not_ turn out well. The burgomaster took all of our weapons and kicked us out of town. 😭 but that was kind of inevitable given how stubborn Marx and Orrin are!

Gonna be streaming Curse of Strahd in about an hour (1pm US/Pacific time) at twitch.tv/radeex.

We've been doing this for a while, but this is the first time I'm mentioning it on Mastodon! We're in Valaki, about to meet the Bergomaster.

Hello, this is my new account. I just moved from @radix.


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