Just backed Mad Jay's latest Kickstarter - bringing '80s style "underground strike team" supers to Cortex Prime. Check it out!


Why is it that I'm able to bring immense focus and thought to any game I'm not actually running or playing in, but when I try to focus on prep for one of the three games I actually am running it feels like homework and I can't stop procrastinating? It drives me nuts.

I'm a long-time tabletop gamer who grew up in the UK, now living in the American midwest. Been roleplaying since I was 10 and played all kinds of games. These days I'm back to fairly trad type games with an indie component or two, but really pleased by the exciting diversity of games available in the modern world, and the diversity of the folk that make them!

Very happy to be here. Don't really feel like I know where "here" is yet. But I like talking about games. Let's do more of that!

Uh, dumb question: Is there a way to change the visibility of a post once it's posted?


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