Small animation I made a few year ago showing some of the mechanics of the boardgames I was working t the time. =)

One of my favorite pixel art, I love to make dioramas, if you need one commission me heheh. =D
Art for my ttrpg City Noire

I have a very difficult time to feel proud about my work, but I really like the color turn out on this character. Making pixel art stream is helping a lot find time to make some study. =)

Started a new art on stream yesterday, the Potion Pub, study of buildings and also an art for tabletop rpg project City Noire. =)

The way Im approaching the tactical layer of my City Noire is using zones/territories instead of a traditional grid, this helps gm and pcs to easly add modifiers to the scenarios without the need of constantly counting the grid. And while I can see this limiting the tactical combat layer, I think it can open to more creative ways of problem solve instead of direct aggression. =)

Hey everyone! I’m Naomi Danielle Christie. I’ve been doing #pixelart for almost 2 decades! You may recognize my old work under the handle “adarias”

Ostensibly working on an RPG full of queer dragons 🐉

Unapologetically trans and non-binary 🏳️‍⚧️💛🤍💜🖤


I dont know if streaming (pixel art and game) it's for me, doing pixel art is way more pressured feeling that people are watching me, but it's super fun to interact with people, when they interact, because when you know there are people watching but nobody is talking with me I feel a little sad...

So this is close enough to Twitter that I imagine that I understand how it works, but also utterly alien. I have no idea what I'm doing.

But HI! I'm Drake, and I'm one half of A Couple of Drakes. Court of Blades, HEDGE, Disaster/PEACE, Dead Belt, Skyworthy, and a bunch of stuff.

I'm going to continue doing nonsense in real-time before a live studio audience and talking about my haunted house.

Let's talk games. It'll put me at ease.

Some photos of prototype civilization building game I was working a few years ago, Civz of Aezir, I want to finish this project in the future. =)

I am making stream doing pixel art these days, only a few hours and probably not every day, but if you have interest follow my twitch page. =)

Get my games in PDF at my storefront here:

Get hardcopy versions of Blades in the Dark and AGON from Evil Hat Productions (which include a free PDF!):

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