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Hi mastodonians(?) I'm Renato, I'm an Italian living and working in Switzerland, I'm a sysadmin/devop by trade, I dabble in game design and like to think and talk about games. And food. And language and languages. And tech.

And a boatload of other stuff.

If you want to check out my only published full game that I wrote with my friend Flavio you can check @Epidiah 's Worlds Without Master issue 6, or go to

and get it PWYW at

@JoshuaACNewman Hey Josh, this might be relevant to your interests! :-D
(I never got around to watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes, it's super long and complex!)

A car just legit drove by with the multi tone horn playing "La Cucaracha". For realsies.

A very lucky shot I snapped near Torrey Pines months ago: it almost looks staged, but the car was just passing by and I managed to catch it.

Public thanks to Florence + The Machine because lately it's her songs on repeat that help me get into flow state debugging my own code.

It's amazing what a pair of noise-cancelling earphones and the right music can achieve.

New shirt, design courtesy of the nice Polish dudes at Grumpy Geeks (designs are original: I met the artist at a Con in Milan).

A man is not dead while his name is still spoken.

GNU Terry Pratchett

Ok, this might be the longest article I've ever read online. And I barely even know Andrew W.K. (mostly because of his Gundam song covers, really, of all things... "Ai Senshi" is *excellent*).

I had some vague notion that AWK had been briefly famous at the start of the 2000s in the USA as a "party rocker", and then his career lapsed and he had become a motivational speaker, or some such.
It's a much, much deeper rabbit hole.
Read it all, if you can. It's an effin' trip.

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