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Hi mastodonians(?) I'm Renato, I'm an Italian living and working in Switzerland, I'm a sysadmin/devop by trade, I dabble in game design and like to think and talk about games. And food. And language and languages. And tech.

And a boatload of other stuff.

If you want to check out my only published full game that I wrote with my friend Flavio you can check @Epidiah 's Worlds Without Master issue 6, or go to

and get it PWYW at

A man is not dead while his name is still spoken.

GNU Terry Pratchett

Ok, this might be the longest article I've ever read online. And I barely even know Andrew W.K. (mostly because of his Gundam song covers, really, of all things... "Ai Senshi" is *excellent*).

I had some vague notion that AWK had been briefly famous at the start of the 2000s in the USA as a "party rocker", and then his career lapsed and he had become a motivational speaker, or some such.
It's a much, much deeper rabbit hole.
Read it all, if you can. It's an effin' trip.

Cyberpunk is a lot like Monopoly in the sense that something created to be a scathing satiee of capitalism was instead taken at face value to mean that capitalisim is cool and good

Want to have your hair blown off by a wall of metal?

Yes, it’s an all-female metal band. And yes, they all dress like different styles of loli princesses. And the bassist is a super cute pixie smiling all the time and jumping around... even during that slap solo, yes.

And the drummer fills the room with a wall of rumble.

And remember this is live: they play like effin’ machines. But on the album version they’re even better. I know, right?

Thanks for the youtube links peeps, and keep 'em coming.

So far it seems most of the reasonable guys are more about design analysis or live play and less about reviews but one has to make do with what's available :)

Idly wondering... are there any videogame (switch, specifically, but in general) youtuber that is not super annoying, shouty?



Sometimes the title of a video sounds interesting but I feel *dread* for all the time between click and video load. Often justified. Sigh.

@Judd this time I took a quick note... I just wanted to say that the thematic taglines for magic schools are GREAT, but in particular the image that stayed with me for some reason is the "huge spellbook used as a coffee table". That's brilliant and hilarious :)

Toh, un @gigiopix ...per ora sappi che sono piuttosto silente, quindi se non vedi traffico da qua non sono necessariamente morto :-P

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

I am 110% down for shipping Lara Croft and Wonder woman (art by stjepan sejic)

The Dictionary of Mu is up for pre-order, shipping in early January.

The Dictionary of Mu is a pulp fantasy setting supplement for Ron Edwards' Sorcerer RPG where demons are dead things, bits of history made wrong. Players will decide the fate of the planet through play, adding to the dictionary as they go and creating a deeper and richer history with every demonic summoning.

#thedictionaryofmu #tabletoprpg #roleplayinggames

Re-watching the X-Files episode written by Gibson (Kill Switch) I just noticed a tiny detail (who knows how intentional) for the first time.

The golden burned CD-ROM they find in Gelman's laptop plays "Twilight Time".

Who remembers the underground CDs that were popular in the Nineties, chock-full of pirated software? Yep. Twilight.

One thing Whalebird does not do, and it's a biggie: How am I supposed to follow conversations if when I click on a message I don't see the reconstructed thread (previous and subsequent reply chain).

Maybe you’ll be glad to know that the Italian edition of “Lovecraftesque” has been just announced as the winner of the Italian Role-playing Game of the Year and will be awarded at the Lucca Comics & Games 2018 fair, next November.

Hurrah for “Lovecraftesque”!

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