Idly wondering... are there any videogame (switch, specifically, but in general) youtuber that is not super annoying, shouty?



Sometimes the title of a video sounds interesting but I feel *dread* for all the time between click and video load. Often justified. Sigh.

@renatoram There are some calm voices on YouTube, but the algorithm makes it hard to find. I like Mark Brown's video series "Game Maker's Toolkit", which isn't really shouty at all. He just talks, calmly, about how cool bits of how games work and don't work.

Most other videogame YouTubers are indeed, all about exaggerating their reactions to the point of absurdity, which means that they spend a lot of time yelling. It's an attempt to garner more views, I think.

@nickwedig I think a fair assessment woudl be that... I'm too old for this shit :-P

Thanks though, I'll check it out.


Mark Brown/Game Makers Toolkit, great analytical channel.

Cool Ghosts, very seldomly updated but weird/post-modern video game show, with deeper reflections on games than you'd think.

Noah Caldwell Gervais, very longform thoughtful criticism though entirely PC focused.

Jeremy Parish, guy from the Retronauts podcast has a very well produced retrospective series.

Errant Signal, analytical indie game reviews.

Superbunny Hop, mostly investigative journalism mixed with deep dives

@renatoram he's not switch related, but Aavak is a gaming youtuber who is very softly spoken

@renatoram It seems to be the short route to gathering a fanbase of 14-year-olds.

@renatoram May I recommend Synthesizer YouTube for a bunch of really mellow voices recorded with impeccable equipment, all angled for the purpose of sharing something they think is cool?

@JoshuaACNewman I, unfortunately, find most synth music very very boring... I appreciate the art/craftsmanship, but I do it for guitar virtuosos too, and never listen to them either ^____^

Also, no, you'tre not infecting me with ANOTHER hobby ok? :-P

@JoshuaACNewman I was a tenor sax player a life ago: low blow man, low blow!

@renatoram The dude on the right built all those synthesizers. The machines, themselves, are part of the art.

@JoshuaACNewman oh I get it. But still, 27 minutes of this is like 27 minutes of intricate guitar solos by Malmsteen or Steve Vai: wankery (and I mean it in the least offensive way possible).

Aside: can confirm, synth music for me does the opposite effect of Cello. I get slightly sick just by listening to it.

@JoshuaACNewman ugh, no, very much not (to me). The dissonant, high pitched sounds, plus the (I think) square wave based sounds, goes very much against my grain.

Let's meet in the middle with Zoe Keating :-D
(cello + looping)

@JoshuaACNewman no worries: I assumed you already knew her. She's great, and her live performances are amazing. Does with a cello + looping sampler what I've seen do to some singers (like Imogen Heap), building a whole soundscape and song live, starting from scratch.

@renatoram I recognize the name, but I'm awful with names in general. I certainly know the genre, so have probably heard her!

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