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Hi mastodonians(?) I'm Renato, I'm an Italian living and working in Switzerland, I'm a sysadmin/devop by trade, I dabble in game design and like to think and talk about games. And food. And language and languages. And tech.

And a boatload of other stuff.

If you want to check out my only published full game that I wrote with my friend Flavio you can check @Epidiah 's Worlds Without Master issue 6, or go to

and get it PWYW at

heh, and obvously there's a typo (that "at")... oh yeah, I also did editing and translation stuff, mostly for Janus Design.

Renato Ramonda @renatoram

also, that nice pic there? @JohnWSheldon 's work! He's good! ๐Ÿ˜€

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@renatoram I had a ton of fun with that shoot! The game lends itself to interesting visuals, both in play and as an observer.