Ok, this might be the longest article I've ever read online. And I barely even know Andrew W.K. (mostly because of his Gundam song covers, really, of all things... "Ai Senshi" is *excellent*).

I had some vague notion that AWK had been briefly famous at the start of the 2000s in the USA as a "party rocker", and then his career lapsed and he had become a motivational speaker, or some such.
It's a much, much deeper rabbit hole.
Read it all, if you can. It's an effin' trip.


Cyberpunk is a lot like Monopoly in the sense that something created to be a scathing satiee of capitalism was instead taken at face value to mean that capitalisim is cool and good

@edheil yeah, a simple toggle button in the settings would have made a lot more sense :)

@edheil well, gravatars are owned by Automattic, aka Wordpress, it's their official avatar system :)

@edheil at the moment I just switched to "Twenty Sixteen" and I find it OK... I don't have much time to tinker with themes, I'm sure it could be better. It also depends a lot if your posts use an opening big photo or not (it seems to be a common style of posts).

You can see it here

@edheil kinda, yep... mine was actually a... subtoot? sparked by a post elsesite about how Babymetal are legit ^__^

Want to have your hair blown off by a wall of metal?

Yes, it’s an all-female metal band. And yes, they all dress like different styles of loli princesses. And the bassist is a super cute pixie smiling all the time and jumping around... even during that slap solo, yes.

And the drummer fills the room with a wall of rumble.

And remember this is live: they play like effin’ machines. But on the album version they’re even better. I know, right?


@JoshuaACNewman no worries: I assumed you already knew her. She's great, and her live performances are amazing. Does with a cello + looping sampler what I've seen do to some singers (like Imogen Heap), building a whole soundscape and song live, starting from scratch.


@JoshuaACNewman ugh, no, very much not (to me). The dissonant, high pitched sounds, plus the (I think) square wave based sounds, goes very much against my grain.

Let's meet in the middle with Zoe Keating :-D
(cello + looping)

@JoshuaACNewman oh I get it. But still, 27 minutes of this is like 27 minutes of intricate guitar solos by Malmsteen or Steve Vai: wankery (and I mean it in the least offensive way possible).

Aside: can confirm, synth music for me does the opposite effect of Cello. I get slightly sick just by listening to it.

@JoshuaACNewman I was a tenor sax player a life ago: low blow man, low blow!

@JoshuaACNewman I, unfortunately, find most synth music very very boring... I appreciate the art/craftsmanship, but I do it for guitar virtuosos too, and never listen to them either ^____^

Also, no, you'tre not infecting me with ANOTHER hobby ok? :-P

Thanks for the youtube links peeps, and keep 'em coming.

So far it seems most of the reasonable guys are more about design analysis or live play and less about reviews but one has to make do with what's available :)

@nickwedig I think a fair assessment woudl be that... I'm too old for this shit :-P

Thanks though, I'll check it out.

Idly wondering... are there any videogame (switch, specifically, but in general) youtuber that is not super annoying, shouty?



Sometimes the title of a video sounds interesting but I feel *dread* for all the time between click and video load. Often justified. Sigh.

@awinter it's edited a bit in Snapseed, btw, to try and make it closer to what I was seeing.

@awinter thanks! I got fairly lucky with the phone pic... still not as pretty as in person though: capturing all the nuances of red/purple/pink/gold in some sunsets is, well, far beyond my phone (or my photographic) abilities.

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