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Renato Ramonda

But FOUR DAYS REMAIN on the campain to bring the Bronze Age Sword & Sorcery ttRPG, The BLOODY-HANDED NAME of BRONZE to life


@JoshuaACNewman that's a nicer way to say other players miss turns though (rarely fun) 😊

Play N turns sounds a lot like the minmaxed DnD "attack 8 times while the rest of the table waits"

Fun fact: ads are one of the prominent malware vectors right now. You're better off without an antivirus than without an adblocker, basically (and stay away from crap like McAfee and Norton: both were used as VECTORS in the past. Better the built-in MS one).

I'll make you a deal, shitty news site.

I'll turn off my adblocker.

But the moment an ad from your CDN does something malicious, I DDoS your site with "Hi! I noticed you're using a firewall. Please consider disabling your preventative measures to accept our friendship packets. Thank you!"

@jmstar I remember the story of the Chinese envoy travelling to (roughly) Palestine on the Silk Road, meeting Romans and learning about the Roman Empire: he went back reporting "A number of small, infighting, uninteresting kingdoms. Meh."

Much like "Mostly Harmless" in the Hitchikers Guide

It's a Brie!

Description: Brie in a black and white flannel shirt over a teal shirt. The one picture of Brie's chest is demonstrating the power of wearing a simple bra and masculine clothes. My 38DDDs almost disappear!

Selfies 03302018

@worldnamer full disclosure... I ended up publishing three of those (in Italian, with Janus) 😆

I remember @JoshuaACNewman going crazy to find the correct hue of orange for the PDF (each edition/revision has a *slightly* different tone), and to choose the orange cardboard (it's not printed, it's colored cardboard ) with Giulia.

@worldnamer Fiasco, Shock:, Don't Rest Your Head... and yes the Elmore Barbarian vs Dragon of Basic DnD, though it's not one I think about much.

@briecs oh crud. Good to hear you are ok-ish, but damn... Stop for a quick nap if you start really nodding, don't take that kind of risk!

@inmysocks @Epidiah one has also to wonder about the "promotion to incompetence" phenomenon that has been widely documented in big corporations and institutions.

@inmysocks @Epidiah that's probably the same as getting the promotions to VP and CEO and so on: mostly for those of a certain... mindset and character (read: type-A assholes), *IF* the surrounding culture/system supports it. Which it does in western corporations, for example.

my name is Tromp
and wen it’s dawn
or wen my sho
on Foxxe is on
and all the staff
say we shud meet
i grab my fon
i send a tweet

my name is Pai
and wen i please
i change the ruls
for ISPs
so vyrticals
pay out my bet
i make it rain
i break the net

@el_lamboz and for our USian friends... this is the one with the Elmore illustrations from 1984, not your earlier Red Box.