A car just legit drove by with the multi tone horn playing "La Cucaracha". For realsies.

@vjack91 cool, I think this is the first time I hear of an EU country with vanity plates

A very lucky shot I snapped near Torrey Pines months ago: it almost looks staged, but the car was just passing by and I managed to catch it.

Public thanks to Florence + The Machine because lately it's her songs on repeat that help me get into flow state debugging my own code.

It's amazing what a pair of noise-cancelling earphones and the right music can achieve.


New shirt, design courtesy of the nice Polish dudes at Grumpy Geeks (designs are original: I met the artist at a Con in Milan).

@kensanata I wasn't able to find any online reference to it, but who knows... The Swiss internet some 20 years ago must have been very limited in scope, especially in Italian and around printed federal stuff.

I gotta say, I'm impressed with how well the Canton and Confederation handle their online services and presence these days, instead.

@rafial uh... PocketCasts: your subscriptions, queue and listening progress is synced to the cloud. You just log back in and boom, done. Plus, a ton of other neat features.

@ondra the Swiss one seems prone to self destruct even handling it regularly 😁

...but yeah, I've heard of similar tricks here so it can probably be done... Very carefully.

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