@rafial uh... PocketCasts: your subscriptions, queue and listening progress is synced to the cloud. You just log back in and boom, done. Plus, a ton of other neat features.

@ondra the Swiss one seems prone to self destruct even handling it regularly 😁

...but yeah, I've heard of similar tricks here so it can probably be done... Very carefully.

@ondra heh, neat trick but... They are so flimsy! I would fear for it to break, and it would be a 40chf trick.

Didn't know it was used in Czechia too, neat!

@rafial killing clipboard management altogether seems like a rough approach, a simple solution to a more nuanced problem.

Explicit permissions I'm in favor of, though: too easy to steal info (on my old LG gpad I can't turn off a system clipboard that remembers all my copied passwords).

A man is not dead while his name is still spoken.

GNU Terry Pratchett

Ok, this might be the longest article I've ever read online. And I barely even know Andrew W.K. (mostly because of his Gundam song covers, really, of all things... "Ai Senshi" is *excellent*).

I had some vague notion that AWK had been briefly famous at the start of the 2000s in the USA as a "party rocker", and then his career lapsed and he had become a motivational speaker, or some such.
It's a much, much deeper rabbit hole.
Read it all, if you can. It's an effin' trip.


Cyberpunk is a lot like Monopoly in the sense that something created to be a scathing satiee of capitalism was instead taken at face value to mean that capitalisim is cool and good

@edheil yeah, a simple toggle button in the settings would have made a lot more sense :)

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