Current status: trying to set up a mastodon instance for Samsung Internet to explore how to use the fediverse for our developer advocacy work.

So far my experience with Mastodon has been that local timelines are great, but take multiple accounts, and the federated timeline is... not good, no matter what instance I'm on.

I think my ideal experience would be a way to merge multiple timelines into a personal curated federated timeline. What's the fediverse equivalent of a pocket dimensions?

Arkadia (mythic Greece inspired setting for 5e) looks like a fun Kickstarter:

I'm not familiar with the folks behind it though, anyone know anything about the project or team?

I know it's kind of gross to link back out to Twitter, but I think there will be more active conversation here, and I'd rather not re-type the whole thing:

just a reminder

doing hashtags #LikeThis as opposed to #likethis

makes it easier to read for everyone, but especially so for folks with screen readers. if each work isn’t capitalized, their reader tries to read it as one word

be kind and willing to make small changes to make the fediverse more accessible for all

Like a lot of folks, I'm trying to decide if Mastodon will make a good replacement for Twitter (or, better, a healthier alternative). As part of that I decided to review my follows on the latter and... boy, do I follow a lot of

@nolan Digging Pinafore, definitely making life on the megafauna a better experience

Hello again everyone, been months since I've been active here... what did I miss? ;)

It's been over a decade since I held a paint brush in ernest, so I'm pretty proud of this little gobbo

I feel like a very good reskin of Elder Sign could be made based on Supernatural (or Monster of the Week, to broaden the possibilities)

Broke out Elder Sign for the first time in ages. Still my favorite of the various Lovecraftian tabletop games. The grizzled bounty Hunter and plucky waitress are braving the dangers of the frozen North.

Really grateful to Lisa Hsu for sharing this perspective which I would not have had insight into otherwise.

“The Incredible Loneliness of Being an ‘Only’”

One thing I'm happy about from this year has been getting back into miniature gaming. Breaking away from Warhammer and exploring other games has been really freeing. A setup that allows me to play with my long time gaming buddy in another state is the cherry on top. Pics from game of Mayhem (very fun set of rules)

Oh yeah, and as prisoners and jailers gained seniority, they gained access to higher floors and privileges. At some point the higher you got, the two groups became indistinguishable from one another.

I guess this post brought to you by

This is probably TMI, but I inadvertently skipped my dose last night and ended up with a heady mix of insomnia and nightmares. At least the storyline about being a prisoner in an opulent hotel had some interesting twists... including the bit where the jailers had to take on modes of speech based on their rank (which they changed when advancing by murdering their superiors)

Nerdy deep cut probably only for the miniature painting geeks Show more

Nerdy deep cut probably only for the miniature painting geeks Show more

I've had to be "on" nonstop since Sunday morning, I'm past needing down time and into "hard reset" territory. At least I get to start my weekend early

It's the little things that kind of make all the difference.

About 4 months ago I added (he/him/his) to my work signature. Slightly smaller font, just put it there with no explanation. Read on twitter how it helped someone be more at ease.

Just now, I had a manager of another team be like "Hey thanks for that. Never saw it before, and read up on it. Glad to be more aware of stuff."

Little, itty, bitty thing. Makes a little bit of a change, little bit of difference.

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