🤔 Am i wrong here? Did Fantasy Flight Games literally make 1 small adventure for each of its Genesys settings?

1st the system uses "weird" dice (a harder sell)
2nd they release an anemic core book.
3rd they release what's essentially the 2nd half of that book 2 YEARS LATER.
Then they foist content creation off onto the community?!

W.T.F. ?!
No wonder the system didn't get popular.

@masukomi Whatever plans they had were cut off when they were acquired by Asmodee. Otherwise, we'd probably have Twilight Imperium and Tannhäuser books by now. I also think Genesys was a combination labor-of-love / hedgeing of bets against losing the Star Wars license at some point. I doubt it ever made a profit

@masukomi FFG also made some questionable product choices with the system: leading with Terrinoth, a fantasy setting few people are attached to, titling the Android book "Shadow of the Beanstalk", investing in a Keyforge book (another setting without a following). Players of generic systems prefer either genre books without a setting or self contained settings that include the core rules (you can see the evolution of Savage Worlds and Fate as an example)

@restlesshead re Terrinoth, (which I never heard of prior to Genesys): seems like it was board game, then books, then setting? Is that right?

Re “shadow of the beanstalk “ name just because it doesn’t sound very cyberpunk or…?

@masukomi Terrinoth is the FFG setting for their boardgames Descent. Battle lore, Rune Wars, etc. It's so generic I'm not sure the players of those games even think of the world the way D&D players think of Forgotten Realms, for example

@masukomi and yeah, calling it just "Android" would have worked a lot better, I think

@restlesshead thanks for taking the time to drop some learning on me 😀

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