I had surfaced this on Twitter, but feel like it's worth putting here.
Since I have no regular game group and putting together a game can be kind of an ordeal for me, I was thinking I would set time aside every other weekend to just be "available". I'd either have some type of "open table" or find something to join in on.
I was wondering if anybody had done something similar, and how they managed it.

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@rivetgeek consider an organized play option! Really nice for "I can play/GM sometimes!" Let me know if you'd like to chat about Pathfinder /Starfinder Society!

@hunting_phoenix I don't play d20-based games. No shade on them, I'm just a story gaming fiction-first type 😉
But definitely some kind of schedule or agenda should probably be the goal. I figure the first few times it'll be more unstructured.

@rivetgeek I would rather be running STA or something like that too, but I've found OP a nice middle ground, so I thought I'd mention it. Free League has something too, fwiw.

@rivetgeek @mhoboinc does open oneshots every other Saturday if interested!

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