Looks like Echo and the Bunnymen dropped out of Cruel World. That's sad, they're one of the bands I have never seen. Also Blondie is the other stage at the same time as Bauhaus...why couldn't they have put her opposite Morrissey? Oh well, Bauhaus wins anyway.

Related to Cruel World, car rental company wanted a $500 deposit. Glad I found out before I got there. I noped out and found a cheaper ride through Avail. No depost BS.

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@rivetgeek I’m def not going to anything that features Morrissey. That guy is an infection.

@JoshuaACNewman He's easy enough to ignore since he's last up and there's like 30 other bands. I'd go just to see The Church and Bauhaus.

@JoshuaACNewman Yeah Peter Murphy is getting up there too. Old goths typically don't age well.

@rivetgeek I dunno. That’s a pretty good look. A Goth reinterpretation of Stand & Deliver.

@rivetgeek Hmmm now when you remind me, perhaps the festivals starts to wake up over here too ... hmmmmm, must start and recheck if any of the old links still works...

@GoblinQuester I don't know where "here" is, but M'era Luna is in August. I'd give a duplicated organ that I don't need to be able to go - Sisters of Mercy *and* VNV Nation *and* The Mission?

@rivetgeek I SAW THAT! I seriously concider to go there, the problem is that I have totally lost all festival going friends over the years ...

But Frakk that LIneup!!!!

@rivetgeek I missed Sisters last Autumn, and thought it could be the last time I had the opportunity ...

@GoblinQuester So I missed them in like 85 or 86 because I got in trouble at school, and then they didn't come back until 1992. Last and only time I saw them. Bonus, Lush opened for them so it was an awesome show.

@rivetgeek Last time I saw them, like 2013-ish it was in a horrible place where the sound was really lousy, and of course it was so much smoke on the scene that no one saw if he was really there or not and of the song it was even harder to be sure.
But the two times before, in the early 2000 it was good, especially the latter one in Arvika.
And before that I missed them in the early 90’s

@rivetgeek I decided that "better go nova, than fade away" (where have I got that quote from, can't find it anywhere) and go the Mera Luna! Doing it the adult (ahem) and splash on a hotel stay.

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