@genesisoflegend Some After the War questions.
1) Was the PDF ever updated, and does the print version reflect any kind of update?
2) There's a couple inconsistencies. The timeline says the first FTL took two years ship time but 40 on Earth (and only two weeks return because of improvements) but the timeline seems to indicate only two years. Also the section on Tormenta says that Tormenta Prime's body was imprisoned under guard with a minefield vs a terraforming bomb to keep it subdued.

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@genesisoflegend Otherwise I love this so much. Definitely want to get it to the table.

@rivetgeek There haven't been any substantive updates to the PDF/Print version to date, though I will try to go through the PDF for a bit of a cleanup pass. I admit there's a bit of an inconsistency due to the effects of relativity as we are unclear which frame of reference is used for the timeline. The terraforming bomb was launched, and then thousands of mines were put around it to keep everyone away. Think of those ordinance-infested forests in modern France, permanently off limits.

@genesisoflegend Got it. That clears it up. There a few grammatical errors and whatnot but I wasn't marking them down.

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