I guess I made this a few years back. I don't remember doing it.

Microsoft Premier support sucks so fucking hard right now. I don't know what they changed, but we've been trying to get an issue resolved for over a month. 95%+ delay has been an engineer being assigned. The only way to get any traction is to make it Severity A, but this isn't a production down issue so we don't need 24/7 availability with hand-offs every 8 hours.

Apparently encrypting the boot volume of this server results in SQL Server not being able to find the error log path, which is on a different drive entirely.

Saw Bauhaus again last night - step-daughter wanted to see them in Seattle, she paid for her own ticket and cajoled her uncle into coughing up another so someone could go with her. Much, much better in the smaller venue vs an open stage at a festival.

I may have found a good use for my Short Order Heroes cards. Tales of Xadia has random tables to help with distinctions (along with attendant SFX). I might start using Short Order Heroes instead, and come up with SFX for the cards.

Today's track in Heardle is blocked for some reason, which sucks because I'm sure I would have gotten it in 1s.

Holy crap, this is starting to take off over here.

So a reintroduction. I'm Wil, known as Rivetgeek on a bunch of different sites. I'm storygame swine who prefers Cortex, Fate, and Forged in the Dark. I am currently working with two others to reboot the Tribe 8 RPG as a Forged in the Dark game.
I'm getting strong "end of G+ vibes" right now, even if Twitter isn't going anywhere.