I may have found a good use for my Short Order Heroes cards. Tales of Xadia has random tables to help with distinctions (along with attendant SFX). I might start using Short Order Heroes instead, and come up with SFX for the cards.

Today's track in Heardle is blocked for some reason, which sucks because I'm sure I would have gotten it in 1s.

Holy crap, this is starting to take off over here.

So a reintroduction. I'm Wil, known as Rivetgeek on a bunch of different sites. I'm storygame swine who prefers Cortex, Fate, and Forged in the Dark. I am currently working with two others to reboot the Tribe 8 RPG as a Forged in the Dark game.
I'm getting strong "end of G+ vibes" right now, even if Twitter isn't going anywhere.