When we made the playtest document for Tribes in the Dark available, we hewed relatively close to the FitD SRD in terms of the amount of content, which wound up being a 60-ish page PDF. There were some deviations, largely in terms of rules changes and setting-specific stuff (the playtest is doubling as a "quick start"). We got positive feedback on how we recomposed the FitD material, using a single column plus sidebar layout like Tribe 8 had.

@genesisoflegend Some After the War questions.
1) Was the PDF ever updated, and does the print version reflect any kind of update?
2) There's a couple inconsistencies. The timeline says the first FTL took two years ship time but 40 on Earth (and only two weeks return because of improvements) but the timeline seems to indicate only two years. Also the section on Tormenta says that Tormenta Prime's body was imprisoned under guard with a minefield vs a terraforming bomb to keep it subdued.

I figured out how to add a widget to my blog in Hugo in like 30 minutes. I've spent much more time trying to customize a hosted blog. Usually the themes are very constrained and sometimes hard to customize. I'm pretty happy with this so far.

I'm really enjoying rebuilding my blog using Hugo. It's really flexible and, probably because I've been using Pulumi at work, feels comfortable to do it all with YAML files in git vs an editor in WordPress or whatever. I might have it all back up on Netlify by this weekend.

I got Hugo running locally successfully. Now I just have to customize the template and get my blog back up. A lot has changed in the past decade so I figure I'm going to go through the old posts, pick the best, and then update them because a lot of the older writing is pretty rough.

I had surfaced this on Twitter, but feel like it's worth putting here.
Since I have no regular game group and putting together a game can be kind of an ordeal for me, I was thinking I would set time aside every other weekend to just be "available". I'd either have some type of "open table" or find something to join in on.
I was wondering if anybody had done something similar, and how they managed it.