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Hi, new followers! If you want to see what I really think about roleplaying game design, you should read & play The BLOODY-HANDED NAME of BRONZE!

It’s a demon-haunted world where everything is how it is because it wants to be, and you can convince it otherwise.

It’s also my best-ever game design that I released the weekend the world closed in 2020. Oops.

There’s a lot of sexy animal-headed gods and petrified giants.

So, of course, different platform and I just run out of stuff to say. Not that I've been saying much original on the bird site lately. Then again, I've been kind of not doing much lately period.
I did start working on a Tales of Xadia character to familiarize myself with the process.
I also have a bunch of stuff to do for Tribes in the Dark... Where right now I am stalled out.

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From the bird site 

A terrific thread on approaches to writing rules when you have an audience full of free thinkers

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Raygun Rocket Font:

Dead simple and in the bag; again just gotta put together the glyph guide and put it up.

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Cliff and myself are gonna be on EN Worlds' ‘Not DnD’: the show talking about #TTRPGs that are not #DnD.

We're gonna be chatting Misspent Youth: Fall in Love, Not in Line w/
@enpublishingrpg , so come hang out!

Live at 4pm CST today @

#roleplayinggame #dnd5e #ttrpg

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The crowdfunding campaign for the 2nd Edition of Improv for Gamers now includes the Roll20 version of Channel A (by yours truly). The book itself is well worth your time if you're a gamer interested in improv!

Hammerheads in space, like 14 years before Hammerheads. I think crisis pools would work so good with this, though I would want a catchier name than "Solar Rescue Corps".
(also the writing is kind of rough)

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These days I have two gaming projects.

One is the fantasy campaign setting I've been working on since 2021, Godsbarrow. I've been using Worlds Without Number and Wonderdraft to create it, and blogging as I go.

Here's the omnibus page:

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A response to a DM's Academy Subreddit question about originality in gaming and an example concerning a dwarven mining company.


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Give me conflicts with reason in your RPGs. I don't want to fight orcs because they're 'evil'.

Give me obligate carnivore orcs that are shepherds and herdsmen driving their flocks and herds over vast ranges, hunting whatever prey they encounter on the way. Give me settled agricultural villages encroaching on traditional ranges having their fields trampled and grazed by these herds and their animals taken to swell their ranks.

That's a conflict with teeth, that both sides have a real stake in.

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It’s live! My brand new newsletter has officially launched! My thanks to David Coppoletti and @dysonlogos for their awesome contributions! Also to Joel Clapp for the idea of the Black Gate Navigstor!

Sign up for the newsletter here:

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A megadungeon bundle designed to be a Cortex Prime tutorial from one of the co-designers of the Smallville RPG and Leverage RPG (and one hell of a great person) Josh Roby.

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Hello, friends and family, just signed up. Hopefully I’m doing this right. I’m Chris if you don’t know me already that’s okay. I like tabletop roleplaying games and I like coming up with weird ideas for RPGs. I’m launching a free newsletter next week, you can sign up here: Each newsletter will feature original art you can reuse in your own commercial and non-commercial projects! Artwork below is by Emiel Boven, who rocks!

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"unlike any other RPG I’ve ever played... This is a game that lets us focus on the story, and makes it possible for old guys like me to imagine that we’re still young and fighting every day for something more important than a parking space."

— Wil Wheaton

Misspent Youth is back, focusing on inclusion & invitation. Fall In Love with a narrative RPG full of teenage rebels fighting to stop the adult-holes from fragging up your future.

Kickstarter live now!

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Another one of my many interests:
Currently downloading the 280+ MB image file of the "An anciente mappe of Fairyland : newly discovered and set forth" that I found on @theoriginalcockatricebyseance 's itch page. Here's the link to the Library of Congress page:

TRUST ME, if you like , you'll really want to see this !

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In case you weren’t aware, Cam Banks, head honcho of Cortex Prime and formerly a major writer for Dragonlance RPG material, among many other major RPG credits, has a Patreon

Did you know there was an Ingress RPG? It wasn't published or anything (although there was a set of Ingress dice made). But I happened on the link in my Drive folder looking for something else.

I've been on Google/YT Music for years. They have thousands of hours of my listening history for their music algorithms to make recommendations. Unfortunately, going to a new music service would be like dating after being married for 40 years. I have no clue where to start, and it would likely be pretty shitty for a long time.

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I'm not sure if it's always been this way, but the "Your Likes" on Youtube Music includes tracks from my Uploads and Youtube Music. In other news, I looked at Spotify out of curiosity. Huge blank slate. I have no idea where even to start building a library or playlists.

It might be relevant that my music library has mainly been digital for 20 years. At one point, it was over 100k tracks, which I eventually winnowed down to a separate "core" library of 6k or so.

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