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I figured out how to add a widget to my blog in Hugo in like 30 minutes. I've spent much more time trying to customize a hosted blog. Usually the themes are very constrained and sometimes hard to customize. I'm pretty happy with this so far.

Looks like Echo and the Bunnymen dropped out of Cruel World. That's sad, they're one of the bands I have never seen. Also Blondie is the other stage at the same time as Bauhaus...why couldn't they have put her opposite Morrissey? Oh well, Bauhaus wins anyway.

Related to Cruel World, car rental company wanted a $500 deposit. Glad I found out before I got there. I noped out and found a cheaper ride through Avail. No depost BS.

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Finally decided to do another session recap write up on my blog for our campaign. So give it a read if you will, I did a few write ups for the initial few sessions but then stopped.

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Friends, today would be an excellent day to buy indie rpgs over on by designers from the Philippines. They all got some rough news and could use some love.

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Thanks to @PaulCzege I now know that there are almost 1200 images released by Studio Ghibli for free use, barring some sort of “unreasonable” standard!

Do I need to write a game incorporating Porco Rosso and Nausicäa all into one RPG?

I'm really enjoying rebuilding my blog using Hugo. It's really flexible and, probably because I've been using Pulumi at work, feels comfortable to do it all with YAML files in git vs an editor in WordPress or whatever. I might have it all back up on Netlify by this weekend.

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I've organized my page of fillable character sheets for various dead, old, mostly forgotten, and out-of-print RPGs.

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I mean, it’s quite possible that your morning doesn’t have enough Godzilla and Mortal Combat samples mixed with Wings, but don’t worry. I gotchu.

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So it looks like New Order and Pet Shop Boys are playing Seattle in October. If they don't play "Getting Away with It" I will riot.

I may have found a good use for my Short Order Heroes cards. Tales of Xadia has random tables to help with distinctions (along with attendant SFX). I might start using Short Order Heroes instead, and come up with SFX for the cards.

Rivetgeek boosted A wonderful small essay on why production values don’t matter to great presentation from the designer and publisher of Mothership

I got Hugo running locally successfully. Now I just have to customize the template and get my blog back up. A lot has changed in the past decade so I figure I'm going to go through the old posts, pick the best, and then update them because a lot of the older writing is pretty rough.

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Hi, new followers! If you want to see what I really think about roleplaying game design, you should read & play The BLOODY-HANDED NAME of BRONZE!

It’s a demon-haunted world where everything is how it is because it wants to be, and you can convince it otherwise.

It’s also my best-ever game design that I released the weekend the world closed in 2020. Oops.

There’s a lot of sexy animal-headed gods and petrified giants.

So, of course, different platform and I just run out of stuff to say. Not that I've been saying much original on the bird site lately. Then again, I've been kind of not doing much lately period.
I did start working on a Tales of Xadia character to familiarize myself with the process.
I also have a bunch of stuff to do for Tribes in the Dark... Where right now I am stalled out.

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From the bird site 

A terrific thread on approaches to writing rules when you have an audience full of free thinkers

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Raygun Rocket Font:

Dead simple and in the bag; again just gotta put together the glyph guide and put it up.

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