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Highlights from today:
* Found out that some animal has been eating snails on the top of our car's engine (not the hood, the engine) and likely gnawing on random hoses.
* Looks like I uncovered an unknown SQL Server 2019 bug. Just waiting for confirmation from Microsoft.

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It’s Wednesday, so I’m modifying Bandcamp Friday with some electrical tape and popsicle sticks to share my SoundCloud!

I make weird electronic experimental music because I have a kink for people not listening to it.

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One time I wrote a spell of protection. How it works is, you cast it, and then any time in the next 30 days, if you're ever reduced to 0 HP, a winged lion comes and carries you away to a place of healing, where you're fed, cared for, massaged, allowed to rest, pampered, exercised, however long it takes until all your HP are restored. Then the winged lion returns...

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1/ #ttrpg people, did you know that parties of treasure hunters were totally a real thing in Early Modern Europe?

The composition of these adventuring parties was a bit different than in standard #dnd , of course - but a mixture of professions was considered essential then as it is now.

Microsoft Premier support sucks so fucking hard right now. I don't know what they changed, but we've been trying to get an issue resolved for over a month. 95%+ delay has been an engineer being assigned. The only way to get any traction is to make it Severity A, but this isn't a production down issue so we don't need 24/7 availability with hand-offs every 8 hours.

Apparently encrypting the boot volume of this server results in SQL Server not being able to find the error log path, which is on a different drive entirely.

That complete pause in doing anything to sing along to the bridge in "This Corrosion".

Saw Bauhaus again last night - step-daughter wanted to see them in Seattle, she paid for her own ticket and cajoled her uncle into coughing up another so someone could go with her. Much, much better in the smaller venue vs an open stage at a festival.

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A lot of people don't realize that the movie Dirty Dancing is an allegory for the Satanic Panic. That's why it has the same initials as Dungeons & Dragons. Patrick Swayze plays a bard.

We have created a concert-loving monster. My step-daughter wanted to go see Bauhaus in Seattle on Thursday if she paid for her own ticket. Her uncle wasn't comfortable with her going alone (we weren't really either) so she got him to pay for my daughter to go too.

I'm gonna be the dad dropping her off at the club, I know it. Of course I'm just as likely to go in too.

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Who am I, and how can you find my work?

TikTok: boywithboo_beez

Instagram: beaujagr


Donations & Discord Access:

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Twitter (DM/Tags Only): ThoughtyGames

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Thomas Novosel:

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And I'm franky tired of this ridiculous insinuation that there are these unwritten rules that turn D&D into the perfect game if only you figure out what they are and Do The Work™️.

D&D does what it was designed to do very well, but it was designed to do fewer things than it claims it was.

And if you have to (objectively) "finish" designing the game before its what you want maybe you haven't chosen the optimal game for what you want to do.

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@genesisoflegend Otherwise I love this so much. Definitely want to get it to the table.

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@genesisoflegend Some After the War questions.
1) Was the PDF ever updated, and does the print version reflect any kind of update?
2) There's a couple inconsistencies. The timeline says the first FTL took two years ship time but 40 on Earth (and only two weeks return because of improvements) but the timeline seems to indicate only two years. Also the section on Tormenta says that Tormenta Prime's body was imprisoned under guard with a minefield vs a terraforming bomb to keep it subdued.

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